Short Final: Rush


The ROLLN 2 arrival into Cleveland‑Hopkins International has some notable fixes, such as ROLLN, STOHN, JANYS, JPLIN, plus a few others. Recently I was flying over southwestern Virginia on an Angel Flight mission, and I overheard the following:

Center: “Airliner 123, I’ll clear you direct GEDDY if you can tell me who it’s named after.”

The airliner must’ve answered correctly (I was on a different frequency, and could only hear the controller), as he indeed was cleared direct to GEDDY. A short conversation then ensued about how the controller is a big Rush fan.

Philip Rash

Durham, NC

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  1. Cleveland is also credited with giving Rush one of their biggest breaks when it came to radio airplay. One of those “if they hadn’t played their music they might not be successful today.”

  2. I live in CLE. I listen to KCLE freq’s everyday. It’s like listening to 98.5 FM… WNCX… back in the day. Except when they are doing the sports arrivals… BRWNZ ONE… the Cleveland Browns or the TRYBE One… the Cleveland Indians. KCLE is one of a handfull of airports with these special arrivals (and departures), and guys get caught off guard a lot… not getting down fast enough on arrivals and questioning the ‘un-restricted to fourteen thousand’ on departures. Happens every day. Also listening to pilots mis-pronouce fixes because they don’t know CLE sports or are too young to remember R&R in the seventies. THRTN… it’s Thornton! André Thornton or BETLL… it’s Beetle… as in John, Paul, Ringo and George. What happened to the Stadium OM (over the old Cleveland Stadium) or the Gilbert FAF (over Gilbert airport)? Holy smokes, am I that old? hahahaha

    • Try explaining the meaning of the names of fixes on the CLE Zaapa SID to younger pilots. All I get is blank looks from younger FO’s who have no idea what I am talking about.