Short Final: Stupendous


A while back we were transitioning Omaha’s airspace, and heard the following:

Omaha: “American 123, climb and maintain 10,000, one zero thousand.”

American 123: “One zero thousand. Your timing was stupendous, I was just picking up the mic to ask for higher.”

Omaha: “Actually, the clearance just came in from Center.”

After several unrelated calls, Omaha: “American 123, contact the stupendous controllers at Minneapolis Center, 119.6.”

Verne Wiese

Beavercreek, Ohio

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  1. Back in the early 1960s West German ATC was working to rule, clearances were slower than watching paint dry. As a BEA Viscount pilot flying from Berlin to West Germany Frankfurt was probably the most militant. I recall asking for startup clearance while still on a long approach to land, result was clearance given close to our STD. However I heard PanAm (remember them?} once clear of Frankfurt calling ” Clipper One, Frankfurt you are the second best ATC in the world!” Frankfurt departures answered ” Thank you sir, who then is the best?” Clippper One”Everybody else!” Then changed to another frequency.