Short Final: The Easy Way


I was flying a Lear with a callsign of Coyote going into Midland, Texas.

Me: “Fort Worth Center, Coyote 123, request EASYY for the straight‑in Runway 28 in Midland.”

Center: “Coyote 123, cleared direct EASYY.”

Me: “Direct EASYY, thank you. That’ll make it easy for 28. (Laughter)”


Center: “Coyote 123, contact Midland approach. Ya’ll take it easy. And thanks—haven’t had that much fun in a long time.”

Trudi Enge

El Paso, Texas

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  1. Many years ago now, as Captain of a BEA Viscount from GLA to BHX (Birmingham UK) straight in for the south runway, landing checks complete, my No1 Stewardess came to the flight deck in a rush, to report that an elderly lady passenger had remained in the aft toilet. Clearly we couldn’t continue the approach so I called Birmingham Tower “Bealine 123 request go around as we have an old lady locked in the lavatory.” Reply from ATC “Roger, cleared to hold at Honiley (the missed approach VOR) from Monday to Saturday.” An old English nursery rhyme used appropriately. So we did and used the hold to extract the old lady in time for another approach, this time with a landing.