Note To AVweb Readers Regarding Comments


Thanks to all of you, AVweb has become the dominant crossroads of information and opinion in the diverse fields of general, commercial, and military aviation and space flight. The staff works tirelessly to find and disseminate the latest and most relevant kernels of aviation news to keep us all up to date in a fast-paced, ever-changing field. Our comments section for each news piece is an important town square where like-minded aviation lovers can congregate to share information, lore and opinion. It’s hangar flying at its best … and, unfortunately, its worst.

Too many times in recent months information about aviation has spiraled downward into political dogma, disinformation and ranting. These toxic tirades spoil the experience for the rest of us and demonstrate that the loud and often misinformed get way too much of the attention, drowning out the reasoned information and debate brought forth by other readers. We think a vigorous forum benefits everyone, as long as comments are germane to the topic. But we are going to be more aggressive in deleting comments and blocking commenters if the bad behavior persists. We won’t allow name-calling, disparaging political language, toxic chat focused on individuals or groups, misinformed, pseudo-scientific theorizing, or general off-point bombast. Going forward, anyone who chooses to ignore that policy will be blocked from commenting following their third deleted post.

Readers who sully our comments section are entering a place where we live and work, and leaving their mess behind for us to clean up. Let’s be clear, there are other websites where the politically and polemically minded can congregate. Not here. Please respect AVweb, its readers and its staff by keeping comments free of vitriol.

Tim Cole
Timothy Cole has served more than 30 years as chief content officer of Belvoir Media Group, publisher of, Aviation Consumer, Aviation Safety, and IFR. He is an instrument-rated private pilot and has approximately 1,300 hours in a succession of Mooney M20Js.  In previous reporting assignments, Tim wrote about climate change research at The South Pole, the Russian space program, America's nuclear Navy and first-person accounts of flying aboard a variety of American military aircraft, from the B1-B Lancer to the F-18 Hornet, to the B-52 Stratofortress, and the Hercules LC-130 used for Antarctic transport. He lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife, Sarah Smedley.

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