The Biggest Aerospace Story Ever (Yawn)


While our gaze was momentarily distracted by the aviation party out in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago, we missed the biggest aerospace story in history. In fact, it was the biggest anything in history, short of the emergence of life on earth. It was, of course, a credible witness telling the U.S. Congress that the government is in possession of and has been reverse engineering alien spacecraft. Oh, and bodies. Well, if not bodies, at least so-called non-human biologics.

To our credit, AVweb reported in June that this hearing was planned, but when it actually happened, we gave it a pass. Other outlets covered it, but gave it subdued play. Think about this. Aliens have visited earth, according to the claim, and we’re putting Barbie above the fold?

What’s going on here? This is potentially bigger than the Second Coming, what with what must be lightspeed-capable spacecraft and, to use the latest vernacular, NHI or non-human intelligence. I think we all know what’s going on. The story is just so insanely unbelievable that to protect our own mental equilibrium from being pushed over the edge into mass hysteria, we tune it out as a survival reaction, news editors included. File it under hoax and stay on guard for the next viral claim to tax our ability to stay tethered to reality by the thinnest filament.

To summarize, David Grusch is a former Air Force officer and worked for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and National Reconnaissance Office. Representing the NRO, he worked with the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, whose job was to chase down leads and data related to UAP sightings. During that work, Grusch said in this interview, he discovered that the U.S. had retrieved crashed non-terrestrial spacecraft and non-human remains and that private companies were involved in this work in deep black programs.

Some of this came to light because Grusch had filed a whistleblower complaint that the government was attempting to suppress. His complaint was that funds were being misused by the companies involved and the programs—plural—needed congressional oversight to rein in the fraud. The gist of the complaint was the fraud, not strictly the suppression of information about alien technology. Also, Grusch didn’t claim hands on or eyes on with this alien tech, but claimed to have talked to people who had.

Indeed, that was the point of the hearing, to craft a congressional response to force the government to reveal more of what it knows about UAPs. That’s what happened, too. An amendment was added to the current defense bill that would require the administration to turn over what intelligence and data it has on UAP sightings, presumably to include actual spacecraft and non-human remains.

Grusch’s claims seemed so fantastical that even The New York Times demurred on the biggest story of human civilization. Instead, the story was broken by two independent journalists, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, on a website called The Debrief. You can hear an interview with Kean here. Make your own judgment, but I don’t reckon her to be a UFO crazy or a conspiracy nut. The Times was evidently queasy enough to spike the story and they weren’t alone. (Just as an aside, my congressman sent out a poll asking if Congress should investigate these claims. Fifty one percent said it shouldn’t.)

There’s a general aviation connection here, which is why I’m stepping to the edge of the Twilight Zone. One of the witnesses at the hearing was Ryan Graves, a former naval aviator who testified that UAP sightings were anything but rare for Navy pilots. He said in Navy units he served in, UAP sightings were routine. He has formed Americans for Safe Aerospace to encourage pilots to report UAP sightings without worrying about the stigma. I’ve been trying for weeks to contact and interview Graves, with no response other than half-hearted emails from his communications person. However good an idea ASA might or might not be, it’s difficult to judge its seriousness.

But I will put the question out there, which you can address in the comments or via email to me, if you prefer. Have you experienced a UAP sighting? The thousands of airline flights a day represent millions of eyeball hours a year of trained professionals looking out the window. If these sightings represent something real and perhaps routine, shouldn’t airline and civil pilots see a pattern of it? We haven’t heard a peep from our thousands of readers.  

We have reported on the military sightings which, despite lack of public supporting data, strike me as credible. If they are hoaxes, they are good hoaxes. I just accept that for the time being, they are unexplained. The push from Congress is to find out if the government is withholding things it knows about these sightings and UAP in general. I’m the reverse of a conspiracy theorist, so if there’s something there, show us and we’ll take it from there.

As for Grusch, I don’t think he’s a UFO crazy, either. I think as a trained intelligence operative, he did his job, asked questions and got answers that he is taking at face value. For a multitude of reasons, I don’t think the answers he was given are real. They could be disinformation for a government and involved companies naturally inclined toward secrecy or by companies intent on keeping the government money flowing for a black program. You can gaslight yourself to the edge of sanity by asking, well, if they want to keep it secret, why would they fabricate something as shocking as alien ships and bodies? Who would expect such a claim to remain secret? Turn up the gaslight to full bright by wondering if same is now no longer secret. Or that this is somehow part of a grand plan to pull back the curtain.

As this thing unfolds, I don’t think it’s going away. It’s binary. It’s either true, or it’s not. If it is true, it will soon be time for someone to march into a Senate hearing room with the engine control unit from a crashed Tic-Toc and ET’s head in a glass jar. Nothing less will do. And honestly, I’m not all that sure that will even be enough.

As for the UAP sightings so impressively recorded on military multi-sensor HUDs, I’m reminded of Isaac Newton, arguably the smartest man who ever lived. By age 24, he had invented calculus and explained the motion of the planets in incontrovertible mathematical elegance. Almost. There was some wobble in the data that Newton couldn’t quite explain and he settled for the notion that God created the whole thing and would have to intervene to smooth things out. A century of scientific advancement later, Joseph-Louis Lagrange explained that maybe God wasn’t involved at all.

Call me a cynical agnostic, but I’m gonna need a little more science and a lot less rumor before I jump the gap between unexplained HUD footage and the existence of aliens on earth. After all, Scully told Mulder that if the truth was out there, so were lies.    

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  1. Paul. If you read Leslie Kean’s book you’ll see she’s no nut. She posits that there is plenty of worldwide evidence and that we should take a scientific approach at dealing with the evidence. For instance, not assume a craft is from outside of earth or that it is piloted etc. all she is saying is to make claims when science has proven it. She was a journalist and was skeptical when she started researching UAP etc. it’s a great read and no, there is no stigma if you admit to reading it and agreeing with a lot of what she posits.

    • Two concepts to remember:
      Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
      Confirmation bias – we see what we hope to see.

  2. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena? Of course pilots “see things” all the time that they have to quickly interpret and do so in 3D space. The branch of psychology dealing with perception is best to answer why the human brain is not perfect at that task. Of course brains at altitude with less oxygen have even a harder time identifying everything quickly and perfectly.

    • Today’s sightings are corroborated by better equipment (radar etc) and this triangulation between sightings and other independent detection mechanisms. Just a matter of time before we learn about this more.

      • We need to be very specific in the use of language.
        The word “sightings” is being thrown around as if the word itself is evidentiary.

        • Not only that, but, more importantly, every single claim where people have “seen” something extra-terrestrial is hopelessly blurred and unintelligible. And we’re told to accept it as unequivocal proof that it’s “alien”, and/or “extra-terrestrial”.

          C’mon, MAN….

      • All this “better equipment” and these “sightings” still elude being videod or photographed by a camera whose quality matches that of my iPhone.

        • Exactly right. Satellites now can produce crystal-clear images of high-res earth, but all the stuff showing purported “aliens” frolicking in our airspace are blurred beyond any semblance of recognition. And we’re expected to accept it as “proof”?

          • All of the “military” sightings and even the F-18 black and white video of something is probably more proof of our “Deep Military Apparatus” doing experiments in radar spoofing and video spoofing for defense purposes. All of the “Military” sightings take place in some kind of MOA.

  3. Have I experienced a UAP sighting? Yes I have. Venus of course has on more than one occasion manifested herself out the front windscreen to me as a UAP despite my own warnings to myself that I was just seeing Venus. See has this time tested uncanny ability to tease. Maybe it was just me wanting to get home. And I suspect I’m not the only one who had been thusly entertained by Venus.

    But then there was that night while flying from Burbank to Seattle when my scan was suddenly drawn out the left windscreen to what looked like an entire air force in loose formation on fire screaming inland from the west. A true believer that Neil and Buzz actually did set foot on the moon, I figured we would learn about whatever it was in the next day’s news. And sure enough we did from a variety of sources, some not so reliable and others very much so. It was reported to be, and I sincerely believe the reports, old Soviet hardware burning up upon re-entry into earth’s atmosphere.

    I watched the David Grusch footage as well. Along with you Paul I’m a cynical agnostic. And I am still among the albeit decreasing numbers of the population, or so it sometimes feels, who do believe that Neil and Buzz really did walk on the moon as the event was displayed on our 12 inch black and white Philco TV in 1969.

    • I’m a cynical agnostic too. Of couse there are billions of clusters of galaxys, each galaxy with billions of stars, billions of stars with planets. The probability of existing life, therefore, must exist somewhere. But the raw number of immense conditions that conducted life to happens on Earth is not at all inferior to the raw number of planets in the universe. May be, in my agnostic thinking, they are equivalent. In that paramount, why would those abstract intelligence beings visit this planet and so many times, without any desire to contact us? Therefore my cynical agnosticism.

      • Yet the great distances between them and us, shows the “Creator” does not want us mingling to much. However we are on a “Big Blue Spaceship” with an amazingly clear window for viewing all of that expanse. Enjoy the view. P.S. we are moving through this mess at around 1,000,000 miles per hour.

  4. But the problem is when the members of the panel asked “Where are the remains of the spacecraft?” and “where are the alien lifeforms kept”, the witness turned into “too secret to tell you,” stock response.
    Same with who gathered the remains, and where are those people.
    Which makes it all utter bull dust.

    • It wasn’t that it was “too secret” to tell them, it was because it was classified information and he would go to jail if he gave the details in a public setting. He has, however, given all of that information in sworn testimony to the inspector general of the intelligence community, who deemed the report as “credible and urgent”. Obviously the top senate players are concerned because the legislation Paul refers to mentions “non-human intelligence” many times and exerts eminent domain on any crashed machinery or bodies.

  5. Anyone else remember Frank Kingston Smith’s story of his near midair collision with the moon? Including the actual NMAC report he filed with the FAA noting the estimated miss distance of 230,000 miles?

  6. “Too secret to tell you?” Call me a skeptic and I’ll believe it when these “craft and occupants” can be verified beyond any doubt, if that’s possible. Until then they are like leprechauns to me.

    • Seems like anyone who is a strict biological evolutionist would want to scream out that we now have unequivocal evidence of “NO GOD”, Darwin wins. So most all scientist who would be involved with the dissection, analyzation and engineering would fall into that category. Why would this not be front page stuff? They would all want it out in the open. Yet it is always to secret for you. If the Russians or Chinese knew we had these aliens (and they would know) they would be on it fast. Why did the aliens come to America…..Freedom? Maybe they should have crashed in Uganda (Bigger land mass- Africa). It is really sketchy.

      • They might be attracted the US by all the lights at night. OTOH, if they are trying to hide, which we must assume they are, Africa or even near the poles seems more likely to me as well.

        Or, maybe they’ve been landing all over, and we are just better at seeing them?

  7. I think we should all try to keep an open mind on this issue.

    I also think that given the number of earth-like planets we already know (as well as all the others that we can reasonably imagine – and I’m talking billions, here) are ‘out there’, the likelihood that we are the only space-faring species in the entire cosmos is zero.

    The biggest obstacle to such logic is, of course, the bible-believing-bumpkins who, despite being otherwise intelligent and articulate individuals, *still* honestly believe it was all created by a fluffy-grey-haired white dude who no-one has ever met (not in this life, at least). This is the *really scary* part of the whole story.

    • Your big proof to Christian’s being an obstacle to logic is a cartoonish characterization of some Christian symbolism?

      I learned logic in a Christian high school class and found the class I took in a secular university to be lesser. Seems to me you take a lot of things on faith while denying you have any.

      I suspect most Christians would not deny life from other planets is possible nor refuse to believe physical proof. I cannot speak for them though.

      Finally, I think you should ask Avweb to remove your post.

    • “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”
      ― Arthur C. Clarke

    • “ The biggest obstacle to such logic is, of course, the bible-believing-bumpkins”

      I’m still search for the original two rocks (or any inorganic compound of your choice) that copulated and produced offspring.

      Gravel driveways are pretty common in my neighborhood. Perhaps a few billion if not trillion individual rocks. Plenty of water. Temperate climate conducive for life, plenty of sunshine and nutrients. Where are all the rock babies? I’ll even settle for asexual reproduction at this point, still no new baby rocks.

    • Doesn’t sound like you are very “open minded” regarding Christians. Personally I think your comment was rude, insulting and ignorant. Move on [email protected], these aren’t the Droids you’re looking for.

  8. Whatsa matter Paul; in all your years and thousands of hours of flight you’ve never seen a UFO/UAP? Or have you too, been sworn by the Deep State Gobermint Cabal to keep it a secret?

  9. It’s curious that supposed ETs have the technology and wherewithal to travel from their home planet to ours, presumably at faster-than-light speeds, only to somehow crash once they arrive…

    • Maybe they’re the bad UFO pilots. Their leaders are like, “Send zashabad to earth, see if he can make contact, nobody around here likes him and he’s a bad pilot!”

      Gets to earth, can’t fly an approach because it took him 10 light years to get here, he’s sleepy, tired and cranky and just crashes.

  10. Thank you for addressing this, Paul. I think we should all keep an open mind. A FLIR image or radar return displayed on a screen is not a sighting; it’s an image on a screen. Electronic spoofing is and has been a big business and there might be companies testing such technologies in our airspace. Also, the distances between stars (around which some of those habitable planets exist) is truly vast, which alone would keep visitors to an absolute minimum, but maybe not zero. Some physicists believe it’s possible for other dimensions to coexist with us, though we may not have the ability to see what’s there. One other possibility that troubles me is that a small group of NRO types could claim something exists, put it in a place to secret to ever discuss, and pull in years of funding to study that something. I’m open to all of those possibilities and am hoping for high-resolution go pro or maybe Nikon images before my time is up here.

    • Exactly. It’s all about continuing funding. Alphabet agencies invent problems to justify their existence. And all they have to do is “leak” a few IR videos of birds, claim ignorance of what they are, then hold a few hearings where they promise to “keep us safe.”
      If they make enough people afraid, then the gravy train keeps rollin’. They’re stealing from the taxpayers.

    • With more cell phones than people on our planet with amazing camaras in them and still no clear pictures of Bigfoot.

  11. If we have been ‘visited’ by alien craft, why do they (whomever ‘they’ are) remain so elusive? If they can get here from wherever, their technology is so far advanced from our own that they might as well land on the White House lawn and get it over with. There is literally nothing we could do about such an event and ‘they’ would have nothing to fear from us. But no, they appear over a hog farm in Arkansas at midnight or somehow make furtive appearances on radar. And no, they don’t defy the laws of physics.

    I’m not an astronomer or a scientist, but I do have some grasp of our position in the universe. We live on a very insignificant blue planet around a very ordinary and insignificant star on the outskirts of a very ordinary and insignificant galaxy,,. among billions of such galaxies (Google the Hubble Deep Field). We have been sending electromagnetic signals into the void for just over 100 years (that’s just over 100 light-years that evidence of our intelligence has been traveling, distance-wise). Nobody (whomever ‘nobody’ is) knows we are here.

    Mark me down as a complete skeptic. I need to see the evidence. And no, I don’t think there are such people as trained observers when it comes to this topic. Yes, people see things they don’t understand and yes, it’s possible that those things are alien craft, but it’s very unlikely.

      • Greatest SF movie ever, but not because of the alien theme. More significant question is how do we keep humanity from destroying itself via nuclear war. Amazing we haven’t done so already!

  12. I will remain a skeptic, at least until I see crisp images; not the poorer-than-WWII gun camera quality images offered so far.
    And consider this: what if these sightings are not of space craft piloted by intellegent aliens inside? Perhaps these vehicles are not vehicles at all, but instead are aliens themselves that roam throughout the galaxy, completely unaware and uninterested in human life or technology, just passing through.

  13. Yawn, Your right Paul non story here. I am a retired Naval Aviator and Airline pilot. I have never seen or heard from my contemporaries about a UAP. I have even discussed the possibilities with them and not one has stepped forward with any first hand information.

  14. The way people deny it is by saying just what Paul has said: I’m gonna need a little more science and a lot less rumor before I jump the gap………..yet , you believe in someone who you have NEVER met, seen, or have met anyone with a first hand knowledge of Jesus………there is more physical evidence through out all of human history that aliens have been, and are continuing there existence here………..but you believe in something that is truly unbelievable is the things Jesus had supposedly done………….but actual eye witness accounts and multiple different arrays of technology clearly demonstrates an intelligence we can not understand that physically IS present but……until you see it first wont believe……….but given this analogy how can you believe in Jesus? This makes no sense.

      • Voltaire indeed wrote that! An, until now, nobody was able to demonstrate that the concept of God was something that wasn’t men made.

  15. Those Sitings were probably accidental.
    Remember the prime directive prevents contact with worlds that are not ready.

  16. Well, there’s the Shroud of Turin, but its provenance is much poorer than the USAF Museum’s PT-17 …

      • A related story that day wherein an Avweb reader wanted to know if the Museum’s PT-17 was actually used to train Tuskeegee Airmen, or if it was simply a “dataplate restoration”. My response spoke to the importance of symbols, even those with questionable provenance.

  17. The universe is so vast that believing there is no life somewhere else is very shallow. If these beings are intelligent enough to buid a vehicle which would travel to earth they would never come here? The majority of earthlings are still fighting about race, religion, and climate change, science is on the back burner.

  18. Call me a cynical atheist if you will, but as suggested by others I’d need some pretty compelling evidence to swallow these claims. I would be amazed if we are in fact alone in this vast universe. But the amount of energy required to complete interstellar travel is so huge that I have a hard time buying the idea that we have routine visitations. If you said we had one alien visitation in human history I could by that. But the idea that these thing are buzzing all around to eyeball our tech seems ludicrous.

  19. I don’t think UAPs are alien spacecraft. I strongly suspect that they’re advanced drones from a near peer adversary like China. If you look at the pattern of sightings, they strongly cluster around areas of our national interest like defense installations and practice areas. What better way to get SIGINT than to send in drones like those to elicit a strong reaction?

  20. Really ? Non-human biologics is everything exept human; sa plants, animals, insects, etc etc And all we get for images are fuzzy non-identifiable graphics while at the same time we are capable of obtaining crystal clear images of asteroids and hugely distant objects. We can use satellites to read car license plates. All kinds of ludicrous stuff is leaked out of the Pentagon, Oval Office, etc etc but nobody leaks credible info of the magnitude this article seems to suggest.
    Really, intelligent Aliens have released dumb-gas over all of us or this is all hot air. And honestly, if human records about discovering other continents/worlds holds true for Aliens discovering us, we better hope they do not find us.

    • “And honestly, if human records about discovering other continents/worlds holds true for Aliens discovering us, we better hope they do not find us.” Exactly. In our history whenever a more technologically advanced society contacted a less technologically advanced one the less technologically advanced society ended up enslaved or wiped out. We should be hiding out, not trying to attract attention from more technologically advanced aliens.

      • Good point. It explains why virtually all early SF stories (going back to War Of The Worlds) posits alien encounters as invasions. Racial (human) memory?

  21. the irony in these skeptical responses is that many of the reports of unidentified ’things’ appearing to be levitating and flying come from extremely credible sources worldwide a lot of them military and commercial pilots. It is evident in the above responses that Project Blue Book has been so successful to this day that people are afraid to even have an open mind about this subject.

    • To be clear, sightings don’t necessarily equate to extraterrestrial craft or beings. It’s just unexplained at this point. Craft that can travel in ways that no man made vehicle is possible of moving certainly should be regarded with scientific curiosity-

  22. I absolutely believe that in billions of galaxies in the known universe there is intelligent life. Have the ever visited here? Almost certainly not. As Carl Sagan said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” In 29,000 hours in fighters, airliners and GA, I have never seen anything that I thought could be an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

  23. I’ve said it before, but if there IS alien presence, they most likely reach over and lock their doors as they get near! And for a comical, yet strangely true viewpoint on alien visitors, look up James Gregory on YouTube, his piece about aliens.

  24. Don’t hear much about professional astronomers seeing UAPs…they’re the people “watching the skies” the most. It’s probably because they understand what’s up there. Yes, I know, they don’t peek through tiny viewfinders in huge telescopes anymore, but still….

    When I was in the Air Force in the ’70s, I was an on-duty operator for an early warning satellite outfit. UFO calls would be routed to us, since we were the local “space operators.” Came in for a Mid shift one night, and the duty officer was taking a UFO call from a citizen. The report said they’d seen a glowing light flickering across the sky, moving jerkilly at low altitude. The report matched perfectly with what I’d seen coming into work…a bunch of low clouds, lit by a searchlight circling at a local car dealer.

    • That about says it all.

      All the blurred-beyond-recognition images claiming to be “proof” of extra-terrestrials are nothing but light entertainment to me.

    • Forget the professional astronomers. Ask the amateur astronomers. They take the science just as seriously, they’re out there every night in numbers that dwarf the professionals, they have fancy high-tech big-$$$ gear for their “hobby” just like we GA pilots have for ours. I’ve seen pictures amateur astronomers have taken of airliners crossing in front of the moon, the ISS crossing the sun, and so on, in incredible high resolution. So far none of them have published that high-res picture of the flying saucer yet. When THEY credibly do so, I’ll sit up and pay attention.

  25. I’ve seen rockets launching. I saw one launch after sunset, where the high altitude exhaust plume was still lit during the night. I’ve seen meteorites, fireworks and satellites. I’ve seen groups of Starlink satellites flying in formation. I’ve seen every type of cloud, lightning and rainbow. I’ve seen sundogs and moon haloes. I’ve seen airplanes appear out of ‘nowhere,’ suddenly too close for comfort. And I sometimes don’t see the traffic that Center points out to me.
    As we all know, “see and avoid” doesn’t work because the mk1 eyeball sucks. Our vision is easily fooled. Things that are miles away can look very close with no other references, especially at night. Or something that is close can appear very far away. “Trained professionals” can be just as easily misled, especially if they think they are better at at seeing than everyone else.

  26. Incredible visual phenomena, classified military operations, or alien beings? I have to go with the first two. In addition to having over 25,000 hrs flight time, I probably have an equal amount of time working outdoors in remote regions around the planet, much of it at night. Many of those nights were in California or Nevada either inside or near the Nellis AFB range complexes, Desert and Reveille MOAs, Tonopah, Fallon, Indian Springs, Twentynine Palms, Barstow, and Edwards AFB. My flight time is split roughly 80% airline pilot, 10% military, and 10% GA. Most of my military time was in the F-15 and F-4. In both environments, I’ve experienced countless visual phenomena and incredible events, most of which I could not explain at the time. Not one of these events, however, ultimately led me to conclude that I had seen anything alien, i.e., something not from this solar system.

    Atmospheric conditions can trick you. Electronic instruments are fraught with anomalies. Both can produce incredible visual phenomena, especially during twilight hours and at night. While in high school I was walking home from football practice one evening when I observed a very large rocket ascending in the western horizon. This was no model rocket. My first thought was that World War III had just begun because active ICBM silos surrounded the region. But WWIII had not begun. After some research, I’d seen a rocket launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Vandenberg is in Santa Barbara County, California. I was in Tucson, Arizona. A similar phenomenon occurred one evening while driving east on I-10. A strange object appeared on the eastern horizon. It didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen. As it filled the horizon, it got brighter and moved toward me. I was scared. It continued to grow and accelerate toward me. I had the urge to duck. Then the object intercepted a thin cloud layer. A tiny sliver of the object protruded above the clouds. The moon. It was just the moon magnified by an atmospheric lens, a lens so powerful that I could see more surface details than I’d ever seen before.

    I’ve also seen dozens of objects that zipped around the sky, apparently defying the laws of physics. Some appeared to be taunting me. During a high-altitude night intercept sortie in the F-15, one such object seemed to be attacking me. I initially thought it was one of my squadron mates acting as a surprise aggressor to test our situational awareness. I broke and tried to get away. No chance. There it was right next to me. Impossible, I thought. It turned out to be a weird reflection in the Eagle’s canopy that produced a 3D image, my imagination happy to fill in details that weren’t there.

    Although it is highly unlikely that we’re the only planet in the universe with living beings, I find none of the evidence compelling enough to conclude that aliens have found us regardless of the credibility of the observer. We are too easily fooled. I expect, though, that it’s just a matter of time. If our species survives long enough and that time comes, an alien visit would probably be obvious. Regardless, is the evidence compelling enough to take action? If so, what would that be? I, for one, see no reason to do anything other than enjoy the show.

  27. I’d ‘blab … but ya’ll will have to wait until 2027 to get the straight skinny:

  28. Neil deGrasse Tyson made a great response to the “non-human remains” statement. He said that leaves a whole lot of earthly options available from both the plant and animal kingdoms. Remember when both the US and Russians were using “non-human” subjects in their early space flight experiments? The Russians used a dog and the Americans, Ham, the chimpanzee. The US had the decency to bring Ham back alive so they could examine him for the effects of spaceflight. The Russians were not so nice – they simply fed Leica a poison pill before his air supply ran out. Imagine the reaction if Ham’s space capsule were to accidentally crash on a remote island in the South Pacific and the human inhabitants, who had never even seen an airplane, discovered the “non-human” remains? My point being that there are some pretty good explanations for a lot of this stuff without ever leaving planet Earth. I also agree with some other posters who have posited that a race capable of developing the technology to travel light years to Earth probably would not be so careless as to crash and leave such evidence behind.

    • If I jumped to “watch the video” every time some one linked to one, it would take up all my time. Hint: I don’t do that – life’s too short to spend it watching all the “videos”.

  29. To paraphrase the film, “Jerry Maguire,” SHOW ME THE BODIES! SHOW ME THE BODIES! SHOW ME THE WRECKAGE! Does the label on it say “Made on Mars” or “Proud Product of Pluto”?

  30. There are Billions of stars in the solar system many of which are going to have orbiting planets. It is a statistical impossibly that there is not life out there. My question is right out of Casablanca. In my best Bogart drawl I ask you “of all the planets in all the worlds, ET has got to visit mine ?”

    If I was ET I just don’t see the attraction….

  31. NASA’s ‘unscientific analysis’:

  32. Love the banter, Paul… But when one of the UFO alien spokes ( whatever’s ) delivers, ( ? ) a speech, ultimatum, or some cooking instructions… Well, I will just be waiting for some confirmation in something that we can all understand and actually see…” I will be waiting…I will be watching…”

    • Evidence? Oh, the purveyors supply “evidence” in spades, all the time. Unfortunately, their “evidence” always consists of images so blurred and unintelligible that they could be anything, but, we’re told that we should just toe-the-line and accept that it’s “extra-terrestrial”.

      No one with a brain would – it’s just one more agenda, like “climate change”.

  33. In the early 80’s I was flying night freight in Europe and two black triangular shapes crossed under me, I asked airtraffic what the aircraft were but they had nothing on the screen… a couple of years later the the F117 is publicly announced, so yes they were UFO’s but not fron another world! ( I suspect they were inbound to Lakenheath or Mildenhall)

  34. I’ve seen Neil deGrasse Tyson in various interviews where he strongly challenges the interviewers’ claims about extraterrestrial life, often with a hint of ridicule. DeGrasse Tyson expresses unconventional ideas boldly and directly. Picture PB interviewing him while both are in free fall. 😊

    • I picture PB sitting in his green room office reading all the comments and roaring in laughter, Raf. And, he likely has a comment counter on the wall — kinda like when Cessna was hawking their SkyCatcher in 2007 and had a ‘units sold’ one on the tent wall — where he tracks how many people took the time to throw their ‘two cents’ in. Some of the articles have few yet his always stirs up the aviation “natives.” As to Neil, a little green guy would have to buy him a beer and he’d likely still say it was a midget in a costume.

    • If there is one guy who has zero scientific credibility it’s Tyson. He recently dumped his credibility with a stance on trans BS saying you can wake up a specific partial percentage male one day and a different percentage male the next.

      In other news, how interesting that the guy writing this article today is they same who gave no Fs about China overflying our country gathering intelligence at will.

  35. The excellent Big Picture Science podcast did a deep dive on this hearing and the Leslie Kean interview. They point out that there are numerous logical fallacies in Ms. Kean’s arguments. They don’t impute malice to what she’s said & written, but they also don’t think that it holds up to scrutiny.

    As for Mr. Grusch, as has already been pointed out, literally everything about which he has testified is at best hearsay — things supposedly told to him by others.

    Finally, regarding some of the videos that have been circulated that appear to show vehicles behaving in physics-bending ways: as part of the NASA hearings related to UAP, one of the panelists analyzed one of the videos. He demonstrated using basic trigonometry that because the camera is on a moving aircraft, looking at a distant object at high magnification, the apparent high speed of the objects is caused by parallax.

    I do think that it’s likely that the military pilots are seeing something. I suspect that what they’re seeing are a lot more similar to the Chinese balloon that crossed the continent than to little green men.

  36. “Credible witness”?? Have you read any of the followup reporting about the guy and his personal history? Just because someone is telling you something you want to believe doesn’t mean it’s true, although that business model sure works well for the QAnon crowd.

  37. If I was intelligent life out there I would not want to have anything to do with the earth when you see the stage of chaos in the world. until all the societies in the world can get together and worked to make it a good place to live we would be nothing but trouble in the universe if let loose. I bet if they are doing anything they are observing us much like we do to gorillas etc and even perhaps leaving clues on how to get along. think Christ, Budda etc.

  38. I can tell who’s heard of the Drake equation and who hasn’t, just by skimming through these comments.

  39. Just like with Bigfoot, I am STILL waiting for one nice clear sharp photo of whatever we are dealing with. But it never comes!

  40. Lemme get this straight. An advanced race of extra-terrestrials travel light years to come visit earth… and then crash? I see. Well… sounds like careless and reckless operation to me.

    Besides if there were aliens out there they would lock their doors and fly really fast past the earth, trying not to make eye contact.

  41. Well written summary of both the unfolding story, and the reason that so many people are reluctant to give it much attention.

    The only thing I’d add is that Grusch’s complaint to the inspector general of the intelligence community, and to multiple congressional committees behind closed doors, was reportedly full of just the type of specific details people here are demanding before they step down from their skeptic pedestal. The IGIC had multiple other witnesses (firsthand) testify alongside Grusch and after hearing these testimonies deemed Grusch’s complaint as “credible and urgent”.
    The senate, meanwhile, drafted that remarkable piece of legislation that you referred to. Its worth a read, the allegations that Senator Schumer is making in it are startling. Its not every day that congress passes a bill that exerts eminent domain on crashed UFO debris and bodies. It can be read here:

  42. Probably shouldn’t post this but I’m 71 years old now and I seriously don’t give a rats butt what people may think about what I’m going to disclose. When I was six years old I was living on Midway Island, my father was in the Navy and we lived there for a little over two years. We lived in two story cinder block homes and my bedroom was on the second floor. There were three boys and one girl in our family. We all shared a bedroom with bunk beds, I had a top bunk, as I was the oldest …..Anyway, one night I woke up because of a strange noise/feeling…..It was a very low frequency noise and I not only heard it but I felt it in my chest…..I went and looked out of the bedroom window and was absolutely astonished to see a very large craft of some sort that was just floating by our house, from the side it looked cigar shaped but as it continued to move it banked slightly enough to see that it was oval or disc shaped. It was moving towards the hangers where aircraft were kept. I remember trying to wake up one of my brothers but within a few minutes it was out of sight from the window view. It was illuminated with some sort of soft glow…..I have told a few people over the years about this sighting and nobody really believes me. At this point I don’t care what they believe, I know exactly what I saw and it was a seriously real object. So when you think about it, either we are alone in the universe or we are not, either way it would be incredible! Also, look at the incredible technology that we have experienced in the last 100 years! Think about it…..

    • I live about 150 sm north of Roswell. Locals say the ice cream is good. 👽 😎 I’ll keep you posted.

  43. I have seen a UAP? Yes. I believe it was in 1970 in Peabody Massachusetts. A very large cigar shaped object was moving slowly then ascending and descending rapidly with longitudinal axis parallel to the earth. Certainly not in an aerodynamic position. Even at a relatively young age I had the aviation bug and knew this was not possible. It was such a shocking event that most of the automobiles on Route 128 stopped and people got out to observe. It was a rather long event, probably 15 minutes. The next day my mother called Hanscom Airforce base to reported the incident. She received a call back 2 days later for an interview.

  44. The recent spate of videos of tiny orbs, and featureless “TicTacs” recorded in F/A-18s look more like anomalous electronic artifacts to me. My experience – over 40 years of air traffic control, both radar and control tower, and a flying career of 40+ years that included an ATP and LearJet rating, and never seeing anything I couldn’t ultimately identify. I keep seeing a video of an obvious contrail at a considerable distance at nearly same altitude, taken by an airline passenger. Until a true, believable, first-hand account of certified wreckage or alien bodies are shown in clear photos I will remain skeptical. As for reverse-engineered power plants or airframes, I know of nothing in the way of current operational aircraft that couldn’t have been designed and built by current human genius engineering.