Sun ‘n Fun: Big Grounds Changes


Sun ‘n Fun 2023 gets underway in a couple of weeks and organizers have made major changes to the fly-in experience. In this video, Sun ‘n Fun’s Gene Conrad explains that the show has shuffled some things around, including new parking and camping areas and combining homebuilt parking and camping in one area. GA parking has been moved further east and a new area called The Island co-locates services campers and pilots will want, including stores and food outlets. Also, campers can arrange for grocery deliveries from off-site, saving the hassle of driving or walking. A new food and beverage facility will operate from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

For more info on parking and trams, see this video. And for additional information on programs, see this video. Also, very important: Buy your parking pass online for $10; it’s $20 if bought at the gate.

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  1. $20 to park !! … up from $10. And entry fees, food and trinkets and gas to get there on top of that. Are these people crazy? That the $10 went for the aviation school made it somewhat palatable but $20 … that clinches it … I ain’t going. Can I afford it … sure … but I ain’t gonna. And what about families? Maybe a dad who wants to intro his son to aviation … this is WAY WAY over the top. Sun-n-Fun thinks it’s Airventure … and it ain’t … not by a long shot. Maybe they think they’re Disney? Every year when I went — only because it was a season opener and not far away — I’d always ask myself … “why did I go thru the trouble?” Now, I won’t have that problem. I can sum it up … they’ve gotten greedy and I won’t play that game.

  2. yep… the organizers’ behavior last summer made me decide to never return to SnF. This just confirms my thoughts.

  3. I agree! Not for us again after the experience flying into TTT 1st & last time. Upon getting to the 1st Check point per their NOTAM, we has a couple of RV’s fly over us with the 2nd one cutting us off close enough that I had to dive to avoid a collision & get out of his wake that was creating an upset condition. 2nd, their so-called tower NEVER saw or ecknolaged us in the pattern to land! On final & in sequence for the 2nd time around, still not recognized, I keyed up to INFORM THEM I was on final & then was cleared to land. Yeah realy not professional nor AirVenture QUALIFIED tower personal there. I’ve chawk it up to ” Never Again”!!
    Private pilot & Instrument rated.