Avfuel Launches SAF Book And Claim Program


Avfuel Corporation announced the launch of a book and claim program for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at the 2021 NBAA convention on Tuesday. The program is designed to allow customers to buy and receive credit for a full load delivery of SAF regardless of where they are in relation to where the fuel is delivered. The fuel is purchased and credited, then used at an airport where it is already available rather than shipping it to the customer.

“Sustainable aviation fuel is the most effective way to reduce a flight’s carbon footprint, and book and claim is the single-most effective way to make SAF attainable for customers no matter where they fly,” said Keith Sawyer, Avfuel manager of alternative fuels. “Trucking the fuel to the opposite end of the country where a customer may want SAF is not only less efficient and costlier—particularly given the truck driver shortage—but also affects the lifecycle emissions reduction benefit of SAF.”

The SAF book and claim program, along with plans to facilitate bringing SAF and unleaded avgas to market, aligns with Avfuel’s recently announced sustainability mission statement and pledge to offset emissions annually. According to the company, all of its projects will have monitoring, verification and certification requirements that meet either the Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve or Verified Carbon Standard. For 2020, Avfuel says it is offsetting 8,164 metric tons of carbon emissions with carbon credits purchased through carbon credit provider CBL Markets.

Kate O'Connor
Kate O’Connor works as AVweb's Editor-in-Chief. She is a private pilot, certificated aircraft dispatcher, and graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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  1. Are these people kidding? This is nothing more than a shell game. I thought we got rid of Gore’s Climate Exchange ?

  2. This is all just really to insane for me to comprehend anymore. None of it makes any sense. It just doesn’t register with my brain. My brain just hits a block wall when I read stuff like this. Kind of like everything that is happening in the world right now. I don’t understand anything anymore. Time to find an island with an airstrip on it.

    • Your “dream” is real … there’s one smack dab in the middle of Crescent Lake, FL … some brush cleanup required, tho. I have lusted over that place for two decades!!

      But — hey — the tree hugger crowd believes all this Bravo Sierra! Just what is SAF made of … fairy dust?

      • Just the most cursory search for “sustainable aviation fuel” shows that it is just fuel made from something other than long-buried dead plants or animals (i.e. oil, coal, natural gas). Obviously we can’t grow or produce more of those natural resources, and there *is* only a finite amount of it available – at some point we *will* run out of them. “Sustainable” means the feedstock comes from resources that we *can* produce more of, like grains or algae (as just two examples). There is a “tree hugger” reason to support switching to “sustainable” fuels, but there’s also a practical reason, which is to ensure that future generations will still be able to enjoy the benefits that previous generations were able to receive from fossil fuels.

    • We live in a world where illusion is a reality, and believing in reality is considered being “uninformed” or “believing a lie”

  3. Better SAF than nothing but seems like a lot of contortions to make a vocal minority feel better about themselves and less fearful of the environment.