Poll: Do Decaying SpaceX Starlink Satellites Represent A Risk To Earthlings?


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  1. At least one earthling has been hit with Space debris in the past. The event occurred in Tulsa Oklahoma back in 1997 when she was hit by debris from a Delta II rocket. If memory serves me she was hit on the shoulder.

    • And in the time it took to read this, somewhere in the world, 12 people have died from bee stings, 4 were bitten by sharks, 7 drowned in a bathtub, and 47 were killed in automobiles. Hmmm….seems like a dangerous world out there! I’ll take my chances with space junk!

    • And let’s not forget the launches from the other side of this ball of water & dirt (China, Russia, India, etc). Get the Supercluster app and you’ll see how much known “stuff” is leaving this planet – considerable!

  2. OK. Setting the politics aside, as the total amount of space junk from all sources increases, the odds of a person or building (etc.) on the earth’s surface, or an aircraft in flight, being struck — however small today — increases. Maybe an imperfect analogy, but as we fly toward the vicinity of a busy airport, traffic volume increases, and the threat of a mid-air becomes more critical. Of course, we have tools to mitigate that hazard (e.g., eyeballs, ATC traffic call-outs, ADS-B).