A380 Scrapping Begins


Only 12 years after their entry to service, crews have begun dismantling two Airbus A380s for scrap at a French airport. The ex-Singapore Airlines airframes were the first to carry passengers in 2007 and were returned to a leasing company by the airline after their 10-year term expired. The leasing company made the call to part them out after it couldn’t find any buyers. The cannibalization began last week at Tarbes Lourdes Airport near the Spanish border.

First to go were the Rolls-Royce Trent engines. Both aircraft have empty nacelles, already. One is missing its radome and the rudders are gone on both. The Singapore livery was painted over before their flight to the mountains more than a year ago. Singapore still has 19 A380s but the airline is opting for volume over luxury with older 379-seat versions (with 12 private suites) being converted to carry 471 passengers.

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