Last Call For What? »

The new thing on CTAF is to announce your last radio transmission. Really, must we? More

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Lenticular clouds on a flight in a Robin DR40 through the Bernina mountains in Switzerland. Camera: iPhone SE Photo by Paul Hopff. More

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How will you respond to a critical event when aloft, and time is of the essence? More

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As an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), I’ve felt like my pass rate on practical tests has been declining over the last couple of years. It started... More

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Lessons learned from nearly 50 years of flying, 40 years as an aviation attorney and a 20-year association with AVweb. More

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One-G's Access program gives those who want or need a sophisticated flight simulator access to one without an upfront capital outlay. More

You're The PIC: You're... »

Pilots sometimes need permission to do what their training and gut tells them is right. Permission is hereby granted. More