EAA Webinar On Flying Into AirVenture Airs Wednesday


If you’re a little rusty on procedures for flying into Oshkosh for AirVenture—and who isn’t?—EAA has a deal for you. On Wednesday evening, June 23, the association will hold a focused webinar on this very topic. While it’s not known how many aircraft will fly in this year, we can all assume many pilots won’t be up to speed on procedures. Furthermore, the multi-page NOTAM has some changes over 2019 and the webinar will explain these.

The presentation will be given by EAA’s NOTAM chairman, Fred Stadler, and will run about 90 minutes. Click here to sign up for your slot. The webinar starts at 7 p.m. CDT and will count for Wings credit.

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    • Agreed. My flying friends and I have never flown as much as we did during Covid despite Russ Niles writing an article that we should feel guilty and ashamed for it.

  1. We traveled more by our plane during the last year than ever before too. Rest stops at small airports were a lot more pleasurable than what you get when driving and having to use those “public facilities”.

    KOSH will be no different than any other year IMHO. I don’t see why anyone going there and reading the notam would have any issues. Heck, who even remembers a 19 page notam from 2019 to be able to do a comparison to this years?