Top Letters And Comments, August 5, 2022


Too Much Avionics? Avoid Sensory Overload

Joe sixpack here. I spent a long time wondering if I should give up the six pack and finally did it. The installation has been repeatedly delayed because I need the airplane for work and haven’t had the time to take it off line. Next month will be the time.

I assembled the system on the bench with a power supply in the panel configuration and spent a lot of time playing with it, designing the screen layouts, re-designing them. But, being familiar on the bench in the living room is vastly different than sitting two miles up in the clouds setting up for the approach in the dark. One of the modes is the six pack mode. Will I use it? Maybe. I have been criticized for keeping the ADF, and the old ILS and the storm scope despite the advanced modality in the cockpit, but they give me comfort when the GPS goes nuts because of some test in the Nevada desert a thousand miles away scrambling the GPS signals. TJ has given me more thought. Even though I have about 15 hours on the system (it has a time in use clock) and will have a few more before it even goes in the cockpit, I may very well pay him a visit for some dual on the system. Or someone like him. Especially if he’s willing to train me on night IFR.

One thing I will say about this system, having flown with two vacuum pump IMC failures, and two alternator failures over the years, is the power fail redundancies give me a greater measure of comfort that I will find my way to the ground safely. The batteries will outlast my fuel tank.

Art W.

Perhaps too much information is worse than not enough. Where does pilotage and air sense fit among all those pretty MFDs And PFDs if nobody is looking where they are going?

Seagull F.

While I have become proficient in G1000 after 1700 hrs flying it I agree the amount of info available can be overwhelming. Then I see many pilots add an iPad with Foreflight running as a third or fourth screen. They set up flight plans, approaches, etc. on both devices essentially doubling the workload. And all heads down of course.


Martha King Receives FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

John and Martha King are surely the greatest aviation educators and role models of all time. They mastered the nearly impossible feat of making learning accessible, interesting, and enjoyable. Particularly significant was their identification of risk identification and mitigation as a key element in air safety. Their contributions cannot be overstated.


I have SO MUCH respect for Martha.

I’ve spent more time with her than my family since January, I’m working on my IFR with her lessons.

I’d like for my (step)daughter to meet her someday. Wonderful inspiration and role model.


Poll: What Was Your Top Pick At AirVenture 2022?

  • A yellow tagged O-200 crankshaft in the swap meet area for under $10k.
  • 50-ship of RVs
  • YAK-9 in FighterTown, Baby!
  • EAA AeroEducate
  • Scrappy–the homebuilt bushplane with a big engine, huge prop, STOL capability, and a motorcycle carried under each wing!
  • B-29 Doc
  • All vendors, displays and performances.
  • Safety forums
  • Everything
  • Arrivals/Departures
  • The One Week Wonder — can’t believe that wan’t one of the top choices in your list! Very cool.
  • WW2 Warbirds
  • MiG 29
  • Searey
  • Cessna T206
  • F35 demonstration
  • Rand Robinson KR 50th Anniversary
  • Pietenpol Air Camper
  • Jabiru J-230D
  • Night airshow/fireworks
  • Stratus 716X
  • Black Fly simulator
  • The weather!
  • Dornier 228-202K
  • ME-109
  • Scalebirds
  • The amazing number of young women at the event. I’ve never seen this before.
  • Bathawk
  • RAN’S S-21
  • MTSU Aerospace DA40
  • KidVenture
  • Delta A330-900 neo
  • Perlan demo
  • Turbine Seawind
  • BearHawk Patrol
  • Helicycle, finally seen in the flesh.
  • Subsonex, Onex
  • Mountain High Oxygen
  • GameBird GB1
  • Cirrus SF 50 and Trac A/C
  • STOL Competition!!
  • TurbAero RV7T
  • Airshows
  • Missionary Aviation – JAARS
  • Garmin avionics seminars
  • One Week Wonder build of a Sonex
  • Topaz LSA
  • Sting aircraft
  • Blackshape
  • Cirrus Aircraft
  • Standard J-1
  • Not having to camp this year – we glamped in a hotel!!
  • Covid – came home and tested positive.

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  1. Covid infection rates in Oshkosh went up only very slightly despite a population growth of 650000 people in their city for over a week. Statistics indicate the AirVenture SUPER SPREADER does not come close to being beyond 2 SD of the mean. That means the population is “normal”.
    5 to 7 day incubation would make travel to the event from home more likely to be a spreader and “the spreader is me”.
    Covid 19 is like a flu or cold. I will, it has, and it will continue to have mutations. Just like the cold or flu, it will probably require annual boosters for the foreseeable future, and be treatable but incurable, for a long time.
    Brace yourself for the ordinary! Beware the normal!

    • Yes, modified vaccines are coming this fall despite gummint bureaucracy.
      (Some are available now for persons at quite high risk.)

      A bit of lesser juggling occurring including reduced dose of MODERNA as booster because it was a high dose.

      Combination SARS2-INFLUENZA vaccines may be available.

      I want the high strength INFLUENZA vaccine recommended for older persons as some of us do not react as strongly to INFLUENZA vaccine as younger people. I’ll monitor myself more than usual.

      Vaccines are not zero risk, just as flying is not. For example, with vaccine for the perennial killer INFLUENZA, Guilliam-Bare paralysis syndrome does occur and in a very few people persists. (I gather than allergic reactions that occur may be caused by the preservatives, emulsifiers, and other constituents not the virus-killing. Hence the looong questionnaire your pharmacist may give you.)

      Meanwhile research continues to vaccines that cover many more variants inherently, meanwhile for INFLUENZA the cocktail now covers four. And research especially with mRNA technology may cover more diseases, BioNTech (Pfizer) people were working on one but switched to SARS2 as that virus emerged.