Top Letters And Comments, June 17, 2022


In The Presence Of Greatness With No Presence Of Mind

Having been around the Pellegrenos a few times your description is most accurate. Ann is very modest and very passionate. Will never forget a Saturday afternoon spent with her at an antique fly in in Ranger, Texas or lunch at a Ladies Love Tail Draggers fly-in. She is a class act.

Steve P.

Paul, so glad you paid tribute to the Pellegrenos! Very entertaining writing!
Yes, a number of us women pilots know of Ann’s daring round-the-world trip, duplicating and completing AE’s last adventure. I look forward to getting a copy of “The Sky and I”. If anyone else is interested, a great way to introduce students to aviation is to purchase and donate a book to a school library.

Susan L.

What a great article. I’m going to get Mrs. Pellegreno’s book and give to my 18-year-old granddaughter who recently soloed and will be entering the Aviation program at Middle Tennessee State University in the fall. She wants to be a commercial pilot and I think she’ll be greatly inspired by a woman of many accomplishments.

Mike W.

Wonderful story. The kind that creates a gentle smile. Thanks Paul Berge.

Raf S.

Used Avionics Market: More Volatile Than Ever

There are stories out there that say some manufacturers are not servicing some used avionics due to them being in an accident or some other issue. Best to clear the SN with any manufacturer before closing the deal. You could be stuck with an expensive boat anchor.

Joe P.

Honeywell Boeing 757 Turns 40

Flew my first of many hours on the B757-236 from Boeing Field, 3Feb1983 Boeing Instructor pilot Capt Doc Dockins. After years on the B737-236 this was a magnificent advance in performance, a true GP airplane. Remember taking a CAA air controller for an experience flight when he remarked we had more computer capacity than his control tower. The 757 was surpassed in my experience only by the splendid B747-400, both now flown into history, recorded in the fading log books of elderly airline pilots.

Anthony M.

I’ve got about 5000hrs in those beauties and a finer airplane has yet to be made. The technology interface requires the pilot to be “in the loop”, no set it, forget it and not be actively participating in the flight! Also at the time (2000+=), it was the only airline airplane that could handle Eagle Vail, CO.


Poll: Is It A Good Idea For NASA To Study Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)?

  • Certainly! That’s what the “A” in NASA is all about!
  • Yes, but only if it finally puts the issue to rest.
  • Considering whose money will be spent on this project, why?
  • Any input would be interesting, especially if honest, including about historical situations.
  • There’s already a whole lot of folks that have been studying UAP for decades. If they come up with something credible, we’ll hear about it.
  • It’s another waste of time and taxpayer money intended to distract voters from all the other problems facing the country right now.
  • Yes. Aeronautics AND space. This is their expertise. (I was a research pilot at NASA.)
  • They’ve been studied to death already. Including by NASA. This current wave of public interest means essentially nothing. As with the Panama papers and wikileaks, the truth was already out there but largely ignored.
  • No, It’s a good idea for them to study Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Why did someone feel the need for a name change? We already have nearly universally accepted and understood terminology.
  • I’m not sure NASA will actually come up with anything that might jeopardize their funding…
  • Wasting more funding on stupid stuff. Do more aviation.
  • It may be a good idea and NASA has no doubt already been doing it. The problem they will not share what they already know or what new they may discover.
  • NASA’s near-term budget for this is too limited.
  • Duh! isn’t that part of space?
  • Not qualified to investigate.
  • If its bona fide research with a defined objective, sure. That’s what they do.
  • Waste of time and resources.
  • Is there an alternative with better credentials?
  • Heck yeah! If you have ever seen one you definitely want to know what that thing is.
  • I’m guessing it’s not Marvin the Martian. Leave the national security components to the military and beyond that… who cares?
  • First NASA needs to come clean about what they already know from 60 years of space travel.
  • Who cares? They’re obviously smarter than us.
  • It should be studied and reported on by The Onion.
  • I still get the feeling that the UFO’s (UAP’s – sheesh) are “our next big thing” that is getting occasionally spotted. The current “interest” from Congress down is just a cover story to mask what is really going on. If I don’t post next week – you will know I was right and “they” came and took me away….

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