Short Final: 1812


Heard somewhere over Kansas:

Center: “American 745, contact Kansas City on 118.12.”

American 745: “Was that eighteen twelve for American 745?”

Center: “American 745, yes, eighteen twelve, as in ‘The War Of.’”

Elliott Cox

Clover, South Carolina

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  1. Yeah, but the Brits went 0 for 2 Revolutionary War and 1812–what WAS the greatest military power in the world defeated by angry farmers with firearms. In the defeat of Cornwallis at the Battle of Yorktown (Revolutionary War) SOMEBODY in the British Army had an ironic sense of humor (or is it “Humour”?)–it was reported at the time (since disputed) that the Brits played the song “The World Turned Upside Down.”

    Since then, they have been staunch allies ever since. ALL IN GOOD FUN!

    All in good fun!

  2. It wasn’t just farmers with guns. Questionable whether the revolution and specifically Yorktown would have turned out that way without the French fleet blockading Yorktown and preventing the British fleet from re-supplying or evacuating Cornwallis’ army.

    • Yes it would have. The British were roundly defeated in the battle, and though Cornwallis had nowhere to go, the Americans would have been able to defeat them before they escaped. By that time it was already a foregone conclusion.