Short Final: Expedite


About 25 years ago, I was working ‘ramp’ for a local airshow. Three Warbirds called the Tower upon their arrival. Number one was P-47 followed by Corsair and lastly a P-40.

The P-47 was cleared to land and numbers two and three were in close trail. The P-47 was on the ground and rolling out when the Corsair was about to touchdown. The Tower operator was excitedly requesting the P-47 to expedite his exit from the runway and for the Corsair to ‘go around’ with another ‘expedite’ tossed into the conversation.

As the P-40 touched down with the other two aircraft safely rolling to the far end of the runway, one of the pilots key their mic and said, “Ma’am, these are old pilots and old airplanes, we don’t expedite anything.”

Tony Greene

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  1. Reminds me of my training days at Wheeler AFB. My colleague was requested to “expedite clearing the runway”. He came to a full stop and asked “what does expedite mean?”