Short Final: What We Call You


As I neared retirement, I flew every week from the Olive Branch, MS airport (KOLV) to my farm airstrip and soon-to-be new home in East Tennessee. KOLV is a small but busy airport under the Memphis International Class B Mode C veil and I always filed IFR. My weekly routine was to depart KOLV on Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening.

A new tower opened at KOLV and after a few weeks of calling them every Friday afternoon for my clearance, this time, after receiving my clearance and giving my read-back, the controller said, “You know what we call you, don’t you?”

Somewhat taken aback and thinking the worst, I said, “Uh, no, what DO you call me?”

The controller came back laughing, “We refer to you as Olive Branch’s only regularly scheduled airline!”

John Austin
Pikeville, TN

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