Poll: Is The FAA Effective In Regulating The Space Tourism Industry?


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  1. Having the FAA regulate Space is like having the National Marine Fisheries regulate airspave and aviation.

  2. The FAA will be as effective regulating commercial space flight just like they regulate GA. They will bury space flight in bureaucracy and red tape, just like GA!

  3. True story, air ambulance company I worked for the helicopters fly with NVG”s. The FAA had no program or personnel trained on the use. The company then had to train the FAA inspectors and now they regulate the pilots flying goggles…..this is just how ridiculous the FAA is. They can’t manage the thing they are to manage now, it will be the end of any chance at space tourism one e the inept agents of the FAA gets involved, they have NO CLUE about space.

  4. The preceding comments zero in on the problem. It’s simply too early in the development of the concept to start regulating. But FAA’s core function is to regulate, so to them that concept is anathema, channeling them straight into the “do something, anything” mode.