Poll: What Did You Think of the SpaceX Dragon Launch?



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  1. I am very happy that we have our own launch capability but it was not a historic event as hyped by NASA and SpaceX. Historic was Yuri Gagarin going into orbit in 1961 or the Moon landings. Look up the word, historic, in the dictionary. President Kennedy committed us to going to the Moon in 1962 by the end of the 1960s and we got there in 7 years. Since the end of the Space Shuttle in 2011 it has taken NASA and SpaceX 9 years simply to develop a craft to go into low orbit. We did that sub-orbitally in 1961 and orbitally with John Glenn in 1962.

  2. What is the relevance of your question? I don’t think this is a forum where the Space-X launch pertains to nearly any of us.