Poll: What Do You Think Of NOTAMs Now Being Called Notices To Air Missions?


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  1. It’s a good thing that we don’t have any “Real” problems in this country that need fixing, so they have time to do stupid crap like this. <>

  2. Just what we need, a WOKE FAA!.
    So the next steps will be; Rename Part 65, find EVERY time in the FARs & 8900.1 where the word Airman is used and change them.

  3. The ridiculous belief that renaming things with which everyone is familiar accomplishes anything beyond confusion is one of the dumbest and most pervasive attributes of the class of worthless drones who gravitate to government. Idiotic!

  4. Laughable indeed, …and to what end. NOTAMS are still coded for teletype and difficult to quickly disseminate. Perhaps a better use of time and effort can be realized, instead of renaming.