Air Pink Selects Avsoft for ERJ145 Online Pilot Training


Air Pink, a private business jet charter airline based in Belgrade, Serbia, has awarded Avsoft International a long-term contract for ERJ145 online pilot training.

Air Pink is using Avsoft’s ERJ145 aircraft systems online course for initial and recurrent pilot training delivered via Avsoft’s AvLMS platform.

Mladen Simovic, Safety Manager at Air Pink, expressed that the airline selected Avsoft’s ERJ145 aircraft systems online course based on the course meeting their training requirements and having the most detailed content of several ERJ145 online courses considered, as well as Avsoft’s ability to set up and deliver courses through their branded LMS in a timely manner.

Avsoft’s AvLMS is being used to deliver courses structured for initial as well as recurrent training, taking account of pilot recency due dates, with comprehensive reporting facilities to administer all aspects of courses and exam results to satisfy regulatory requirements.

About Air Pink

Air Pink is a private business jet charter airline based in Belgrade, Serbia. For more information, please visit

About Avsoft

Avsoft International® provides online pilot training courses suitable for initial and recurrent training of airline pilots and a Learning Management System (LMS) to Airlines, Approved Training Organizations, and individual pilots. Avsoft offers clients one of the largest libraries of aircraft systems courses and general subject courses. Avsoft creates and customizes courses using its proprietary content authoring tool, the RD3 system. Avsoft’s courses are SCORM compliant and can be delivered on any LMS. When delivered through AvLMS, Avsoft’s proprietary LMS, courses can be viewed online or offline using Avsoft’s app for iPad and Android tablets, the Portable Classroom. For more information, please visit

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