Republic Airways Opens Flight Academy To Combat Pilot Shortage

Republic Airways announced today that it is launching a pilot training academy to help address the shortage of qualified commercial pilots in the U.S. The Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy is designed to be a direct-to-hire path for students.

Guest Blog: Filling The Right Seat

Yes, there's a shortage of pilots, but also of instructors to teach new ones. Here's a plan to put retired airline captains in the teaching role.

High Schoolers Train For Aviation Jobs

A new program that launched this week in Wichita, Kansas, will provide technical training for high-school students to prepare them to step directly into jobs in the aviation industry. Aviation Pathway is a joint effort involving Textron Aviation, Wichita Public Schools and WSU Tech, a technical college based in Wichita.

Picture of the Week May 1, 2018

Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica from the flight deck of a C-141B Starlifter.

FAA: Complex No Longer Required For Commercial/CFI Practical

Last week the FAA released a notice regarding changes in policy regarding testing applicants for a commercial pilot or flight instructor certificate. The notice states that it is no longer required for applicants for a commercial pilot certificate with an airplane single-engine rating to provide a complex or turbine-powered airplane for the associated practical test and no longer requires applicants for a flight instructor certificate with an airplane single-engine rating to provide a complex airplane for the practical test.

New Flight College Inks Deal With Tecnam

Young aspiring airline pilots have a new option for earning a degree while moving right into the regional airlines through the newly formed International School of Aerospace, which has selected the Tecnam P2008 as the primary training aircraft.

ERAU Crash Investigation Focused On Wing Spar

The NTSB and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University officials are working together to determine what caused the PA-28R-201s wing to fall off in mid-flight last week. The resulting accident killed two: Zach Capra, an ERAU student, and an FAA designated examiner, John S. Azma, conducting a checkride. Flight training resumed on Thursday for all aircraft at ERAU except the PA-28s. They remain grounded until inspections are completed.

Piedmont And K-State Offer Pilot Training

If any doubt remains that the aviation industry is facing a shortage of pilots, look no further than a new program for aspiring pilots at Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus with partner Piedmont Airlines. Teaming together, the two are offering help with tuition and a job guarantee at the regional airline.

Do Pilots Need College?

Its a good question … if theres a pilot shortage, why not ditch that demand for a four-year degree?

ERAU Offers Free Online Course

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is offering a free, two-week online class focusing on aircraft maintenance, running from Feb. 26 to March 11. The course, which is open to the public, will be taught by ERAU faculty as well as experts from the aviation industry. Our students will get a real-world look at the industry, from multiple perspectives, said Bettina Mrusek, lead faculty member for the course. We are not only focused on the maintenance technician, but also on those supervising and leading them.

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