Short Final: Job Well Done

About a year ago I was training a student pilot. The college student was very intense and strived to be perfect at all her training....

Picture of the Week, February 21, 2019

The National Museum of the United States Marine Corps has a number of aircraft on display. This Harrier is located in Leatherneck Gallery in the atrium of the museum. There are also two Corsairs and a Curtis Jenny on display in this gallery. The museum itself is well worth the time to visit and one can spend an entire day there learning about the history of the United States Marines. Photo by Edward Figuli.

Sling Launches LSA-based Airline Training Program

The Sling Pilot Academy this week is set to induct the first round of students to its Accelerated Airline Pilot Program based at the Torrance airport in Southern California. The school has also announced a $20,000 scholarship to be offered to one student who applies before Aug. 5, 2019.

We’re Way Better Than We Used To Be

Accident wise, GA pilots are doing better than ever. And if you think not, take this little tour through the carnage of the past.

Whoever Said Winter Flying Is Fun Was Daft

So what if the air is crisp and cold? The preheater is likely to burn down the hangar, if I can even get the door unfrozen to find it.

Frasca Integrates Garmin Software Into New RTD

Simulator manufacturer Frasca International has announced a partnership with Garmin to incorporate G1000 NXi software into its new Reconfigurable Training Device (RTD). The company says integrating the NXi software with the Frascas simulation software required extensive collaboration with Garmin and is a first in the simulation industry.

Sport Expo: Icon Ramps Up Production

After months of production delays, Icon Aircraft is ramping up production of its A5 light sport amphibious aircraft. Showing a demo model at the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring this week, Icons Scott Rodenback said in this exclusive podcast that about 90 airplanes have been built. The company says some 1300 are on backorder.

Sport Expo: Sebring Gets LSA-Based Flight Academy

Veteran FBO and flight school operator Lou Mancuso has opened a new flight academy at Sebring, Florida, that he says will provide fast-track training for pilots planning professional flight careers. In this exclusive podcast recorded at the Sport Aviation Expo 2019 show in Sebring, Mancuso said the school will rely on light sport aircraft, specifically the Bristell.

EZ-FLY: Researching Easier To Fly Aircraft

In the airline and military realm, fly-by-wire control has become old hat but because of expense and certification complexity, the technology hasnt trickled down to light aircraft general aviation. Some in the industry, however, believe that digital control architecture and the enhanced stability it can offer might make airplanes easier to fly and would thus kick the door open to higher aircraft demand. A company called Flight Level Engineering is just completing a project for the FAA that could lay the foundation for certification of such systems, for which there may be no significant manufacturing barriers.

Top Five Reasons To Hate Top 10 Lists

Always worth a few clicks, asking readers to rank their favorite airplanes is an evergreen standby for editors desperate to avoid another how-to-land story or worse, anything about ADS-B.

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