Autothrottle On Daher TBM940

At Sun 'n Fun 2019, Daher Aircraft introduced a first for turboprop singles: autothrottles. The system is integrated within the TBM940's Garmin G3000 integrated flight deck, providing an additional layer of envelope protection, including automatic descent mode. The company also introduced a new automatic deicing system for the TBM910 and TBM940 models. Larry Anglisano took a look at the new features with Daher CEO Nicolas Chabbert and prepared this video summary.

TruTrak Autopilot Update At Sun ‘n Fun

TruTrak Flight Systems set out to deliver a budget-based retrofit autopilot for certified aircraft with the Vizion system and has been delivering the system for installation in a variety of aircraft. Aviation Consumer Magazine Editor Larry Anglisano caught up with TruTrak's Andrew Barker at Sun 'n Fun 2019 for an update on approvals and interfacing.

Daher Unveils Refreshed TBM 910

Daher has split the linear development of its highly regarded high-performance turboprop singles at Sun n Fun 2019 with the unveiling of the refreshed TBM 910 and more detail on its more advanced TBM 940.

Podcast: Continental Prime IO-370

Continental Aerospace Technologies' Prime IO-370 certified engine has been seeing increasing use, including being selected by Piper to power its new Pilot 100 and 100i trainers. AVweb caught up with Continental CEO Rhett Ross at Sun 'n Fun 2019 to learn more about it.

Trig Introduces TX56/TX57 NavComs

Trig Avionics officially introduced its new TX56 and TX57 Nav/Coms at the 2019 Aircraft Electronics Association Convention. Company CEO Andy Davis went over some of their key features with AVweb at the show.

Sun ‘n Fun Launches Tuesday

Everything from gliders to state-of-the-art business jets will be on display as the flying world flocks to Lakeland, Florida, for the official start of the airshow season at Sun n Fun 2019.

Air Force One Replacement At $5.3 Billion

The final price tag for two new almost-new VC-25B executive transport aircraft for the Air Force is now pegged at $5.3 billion.

Podcast: Avidyne Entering New Markets

Avidyne has announced that it will be moving into some new markets, including providing avionics for Part 25 aircraft. Avidyne General Manager of Business Aviation David Miner discussed the new direction with AVweb at the 2019 Aircraft Electronics Association Convention.

AEA: Garmin G3X Touch Approved For Certified Aircraft

Garmin announced at the 2019 Aircraft Electronics Association Convention that its G3X Touch flight display has been approved for nearly 500 certified aircraft. Garmin's Jessica Koss demonstrated the unit for AVweb at the show.

Podcast: GoGo Business Aviation

Between 2009 and 2017, GoGo Business Aviation delivered more than 4,000 connectivity systems. At AEA's 2019 convention, AVweb talked with GoGo Regional Sales Manager John Hinton about the company, its products and where it's headed in the future.

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