Pilatus Adds Multiple Enhancements For PC-24 ‘Super Versatile Jet’


Pilatus announced “numerous new features” it is adding to all its PC-24 twinjets, starting with the current production run. The updates include cabin amenities, avionics updates and upgraded systems, including new lithium-ion batteries. All the improvements can be retrofitted to existing PC-24s, said Pilatus.

In the cabin, new-design seats will be lighter and more comfortable and have more intuitive controls for passenger amenities, according to Pilatus. The seats now come with quick-release attach points, making cabin-configuration changes faster and easier. Buyers can also choose to replace the forward coat closet with a galley that includes a microwave, espresso maker, ice storage and accommodation for standard catering units.

Pilots now have the advanced touchscreen-controlled avionics found on the PC-12 NGX. Touchscreens have proven popular among flight crews, said Pilatus. The PC-24 flight control system now has Pilatus’s Tactile Feedback in pitch and roll and limit protection. If bank angle exceeds 51 degrees, the system automatically returns it to 31 degrees. Likewise, if the flight computers predict an overspeed condition approaching, the pitch servo will engage.

The PC-24’s Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE) now has Pilatus’ Pilot-defined Visual Approach capability. Pilots can easily set up the autopilot and autothrottle for a coupled visual approach to any runway—particularly applicable since the PC-24 is billed as a “go-anywhere” jet, capable of accessing remote airports with unimproved runways.

Honeywell has added SmartRunway and SmartLanding alerts with audible callouts for  “Approach Runway” – “On Runway” – “Runway End” – “Excessive Approach Angle” – and with taxiway and landing advisories.

Finally, True Blue Power’s lithium-ion batteries are now approved for the PC-24, reducing empty weight by 84 pounds and saving on total life-cycle cost.

Mark Phelps
Mark Phelps is a senior editor at AVweb. He is an instrument rated private pilot and former owner of a Grumman American AA1B and a V-tail Bonanza.

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  1. So how does Pilot-defined Visual Approach capability actually work?

    Pilatus web site is overloaded with bumpf and graphics, short on findable details.

  2. > lithium-ion batteries are now approved for the PC-24

    Curious how they work out – took a year to fix the bbq bugs on the 787.

    Might not be a weight savings if you need a steel fireproof battery box.