Poll: Do You Think Pilots Have Recently Seen Real UFOs?


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  1. I really REALLY want to believe, but in all my years as control tower operator, radar controller, and pilot up through ATP and LearJet rating every incident of UFO ended with identifying the intruder as an airplane, contrail, bird or definite optical illusion.

  2. After 33 years of flying all over the world, I always figured if anyone saw a real UFO it would be me. Never happened! However, as a F/O I had a Captain tell a very interesting story that occurred over Middleton Island just prior to descent into ANC. He saw an “object” sitting just off his left wing. ANC Center confirmed that there was indeed something there. Then the ‘OBJECT” accelerated away at a very high speed. The Captain asked Center; “Did you see that?”. The controller replied; “yes, but I don’t believe it”. He filed a report about the incident. Later, a USAF Colonel called him at his home and advised him that he should never say anything about it. The Captain replied; “Colonel, I’m a civilian, I outrank you, and I’ll tell anyone I damn well please”. End of story. Paul B. Not Bertorelli

  3. I’m an 82 yr. old retired ATP – flown for 54 yrs. & 14K hrs.+. I have seen 4 UFOs. 3 were day time & 1 @ night. None of them looked alike – all very different. One of the day time events was airborne on an IFR flight plan between broken cloud layers with an A.E. on board who saw it through 7X35 binoculars w/in about 2 miles. His non-verbal body reaction was of shock and surprise, plus his comment, “WHAT IS THAT?” My reply was, “You’re an A.E. – you tell me!” He later refused to acknowledge what he had seen. It apparently violated his beliefs paradigm. Jacksonville ARTCC did not have it on radar.
    The first one on 2-29-1967 was the most spectacular. Its initial near vertical downward speed from over 20K ft. high in 2 sec. & abrupt deceleration and 90 degree short radius curved change to level flight @ about 2K ft. high was impossible technology in the atmosphere for then nor now. The sound from the dive pull-out was as loud as very close very loud thunder & echoed across the sky in a similar manner. It was seen @ about 4 miles away for about 5 min. before instantly disappearing after coming to a complete stop 30 degrees nose up. It’s size was that of a quarter coin @ arms length. Its plan-form was a saucer-shape oval – wider at the back than front with a small fin-like swept back truncated cone on the top back. Its color was that of a dull burnished gray-silver – non-shiny. This was no illusion. Those do not hang around for 5 min. & make thundering noises. All of these seen and more are described in NASA A.E., Paul Hill’s book, “Unconventional Flying Objects”, read many years after these events. This first one event plus the others forever changed my view of the Universe. Like UFO expert, Dr. Stanton Friedman, said, ‘I’ve never seen a UFO and lot of things, but I know they exist’. He was the lead engineer researching nuke powered airplanes overseeing a B-36 project with an on-board reactor.