Poll: Have High Gas Prices Caused You To Curtail Flying?


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  1. On my weekly flights, I’m throttling back and flying slower with the mixture leaned as much as my old GO-300 will run. So, I’m burning about 1 gph less.
    With avgas at $6.99, the cost is $18 per hour higher than last year.

    • Gas is “only” $6.99??? Try over $7.20 – $8.00+ (and rapidly climbing) for gas prices in the Pacific Northwest. At 8-9 gph (throttled back and leaned) it works out to $64 – $72 / hour just for gas. Maintenance is also up. Local shops have raised rates by 25% since August when I had my last annual.

      The story offered by some that it’s “all Putin’s fault” leaves out the decisions to demonize petro-chemical companies launched by a famous (infamous?) person or two begining in January 2020.

  2. Although fuel prices might be a small component of the cost / hour, it causes a shock when a four hour flight results in $400 at the pump. It causes one to question one’s sanity.

  3. Here in California auto fuel is only a bit less expensive than avgas, so if I avoid running the tanks down all the way, psychologically a fill-up of the plane isn’t much more painful than gassing the cars.

  4. Being a rental pilot, the fuel is factored into the rates. However, said rates have gone up more than my paycheck has. So I in turn have flown less this year. As well as I have made other arrangements. Not what I had hoped for, but i still fly when I can.