Poll: Ten Years From Now, Will Automation Allow Single Pilot Airliners?


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  1. This is a very interesting Poll. It triggers, in me, a philosophic aspect of the state of consciousness that is rapidly changing not only in America but world wide. What is the common factor? Please stay with me.

    With AI being touted by many as the solution for piloting cars and aircraft, the step stone is, to eliminate one pilot, and replace him through AI as support for the single pilot. After that the transition to AI-Pilot is the logical consequence. It, on one side, makes logical sense to accelerate this process.
    On the other side it makes no common sense to follow that approach. With the current development of accidents and appearance of sudden death “syndrome” rising to the highest cause of death in adults.
    Currently it appears that there are many pilots and car drivers and people in general showing poor judgements resulting in baffling accidents and sometimes tragic outcomes. Many arising from, one minute to the next, having catastrophic health challenges ranging from loss of common sense over cognitive dissonance and much more, worst being sudden death.
    All of these things are happening since two years and unfortunately increasing continuously.
    This has been predicted by so called “conspiracy theorists” together with many other health professionals as results of the “Experimental Vac-cine”. The promises from health officials and politicians that were propagated as stopping the CV and protecting from getting sick have turned out as false and not scientifically based. The Pfizer manager has witnessed in the European parliament, that there have been NO studies with the CV about preventing infection or stopping the transmission of the CV.
    Sadly I know more people out of my personal circle of friends and family who are suffering from several unknown health challenges or who have passed away compared to those who suffered from the Vi-rus in 2020.
    All of this is being muffled by MSM, and ignoring all of it officially, does not help either. It is we the people that are having to face the consequences and many, or actually most, are being left out in the cold, even by many doctors, who are discriminating people from the status of Vac-cine.
    God created us all equal and erasing God from schools and pushing for rights for individuality in genderism and aimed at, as well as resulting in even more division, is to my personal perception pure evil.
    Our goal should be to search for communion instead of separation. I pray and ask that God open the hearts of mankind to the truth. I am a Christian and do not believe in religion. I do believe that we are all brothers and sisters and that all man made things are so inferior in comparison to Gods creations. Just think about what a simple bee or bumble bee is capable of doing autonomous without computers etc. Gods creations are unique ONE OFFS! Show me two tree leaves on this planet that are equal in every aspect. You will not find them. Sorry for the long comment. I hope that we all can come together again, the way God intended.
    God have mercy and bless us all at the same time. Love and peace are the path to freedom.
    Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

      • Hi Hugh,
        sorry to see that your only reply is a judgement as being trained by the MSM.
        It is your choice that you do so. I am simply a truth seeker. The Nuremberg codex, which you may be aware of, or not, was created exactly with the purpose of preventing coercion into distributing “experimental” drugs as was done in the concentration camps in Germany. The last two years is a total ignorance to this codex.
        Just because the lobbycracy (not democracy) says it is so, does not mean a bit about the truth.
        When things don’t make sense, then follow the money.
        Just as a side note, the swab testing in Germany costs the tax payer 1,000,000,000,000 € per month, only to verify that people are not sick. In comparison, the budget of all hospitals in Germany is at 670,000,000,000 € which is 67% of the testing.
        This is a swap analogous to “You are innocent until proven guilty” to “You are guilty until you prove that you are innocent”.
        This is the largest transfer of money from the people worldwide to global corporations in History. The next generations will have to make up for these debts, that the “politicians”, as tools of the lobbycracy have lulled us, the people, through the tool of fear into complying with their agenda.
        The next fear based scam is the war in the Ukraine. Half of the soil there is owned by global corporations, as it is one of the nutrient richest soils on this planet. So there is a huge interest in “protecting” it. What better way than to lure Russia into a war and getting rid of the people there, weakening Russia at the same time and to get full control over the whole soil? Next step is Russia…. All under the guise of “Democracy” which in truth is a global lobbycracy also known as the N W O. Check out the WEF as another tool for prepping the politicians for their journey, and then to be placed into political positions to drive their agenda forward with no mercy for the people.

  2. Ten years from now……….??? They could do it today. The Air Force is already experimenting with this on tankers. It will first happen on large cargo carriers than slowly migrate to passenger carrying operations. Passengers will be lured to it by what else……..PRICE. Seriously – why else would people cram themselves onto Alligent or Spirit ?

    • Sure it is possible but after 50 years of flying 47 of them professionally (and still going), I have flown with a lot of autopilots, some of which can land a 787 legally in 300 RVR, actually zero/zero, that being said I don’t trust autopilots without human supervision. And I don’t trust planes without redundancy. If we don’t trust and don’t allow part 121 airliners to fly 300 people across the world without two engines why would we trust flying them with one pilot. And I agree with the post vaccine (MRNA) issues with people with no apparent illnesses dropping dead from all sorts of cardiac and and blood clotting issues. So, since most airline pilots were either forced or heavily coerced into getting unproven and not thoroughly tested MRNA vaccines, I believe we can expect to see a lot more pilots dropping dead or losing their medical due to strokes, and other vaccine related illnesses. If one looks in the right places (uncensored) one can find a very large number of medical professionals who have previously been threatened, cancelled and censored who are TOTALLY against MRNA vaccines. You will find that the truth is that all of the jabbed are now carrying spike proteins all over their bodies in places the MRNA vaccine pharma companies denied would ever occur and it is not good.

  3. I’m afraid you hit one of my hot-buttons. Not automation in the cockpit; poorly designed questionnaires. What’s the difference between, “In sight, maybe” and “Ten, no. Twenty, maybe”, within the given time-frame of ten years? With two essentially identical answers, that response will be split, rendering any conclusion invalid. (I know, it’s “for entertainment purposes only”. But still.)

    As for the question itself, single-pilot airliners will arrive eventually (not in my lifetime) but technology is not the driving factor. Pax perception (fear) will mandate two-pilot flights long after the freight carriers have gone single-pilot, or even fully-automated. The much tougher problem of driverless city transit will be solved long before people are comfortable leaving the ground behind an unsupervised AI.

  4. If automation doesn’t, the airlines’ lobbyists and Congress surely will! Since the biggest impediment to profits is labor costs, and airlines can be very profitable, what a windfall for Wall Street! Imagine, like slot machines in a casino, auto-co-pilots that can be worked 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year, no rest, no vacation, no sick/family leave, no complaints, no notions of impending danger based on judgement, training and experience, but best of all…no salaries! Oh boy, they hit the jackpot!

  5. Not a day pilot – just a retired EAL Pilot. Go back to the end of EAL. There was a burst up of the economy and a large airline had 2 year captains who could not fly in very bad weather. Some laid off EAL pilots went to fly copilot for that airline.
    My point is that WHERE ARE THE SINGLE PILOTS GOING TO GET THE EXPERIENCE TO BE SOLO CAPTAINS??? My J-3 cub for time building cost me $650.00. I can’t even buy a car where I could go to sleep in the car and have the car open the garage door and start me on a trip where I could wake up half way to my destination. Stop dreaming and get planning!