Poll: What Did You Think Of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Flight?


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  1. Let’s face it, orbital capsule flight is basically “spam in a can.” I’m sure the Dragon capsule would have pulled it off regardless of whether there was a crew on-board or not. OTOH, very glad so much money was raised for St. Jude, so kudos to the crew and especially Elon for chipping-in 50 million!

  2. Yes, the automatics worked – this time.

    OTOH, Braggin’ Branson’s pilots did not – slow to detect deviation from centerline of planned path, trending toward being unable to reach a runway (i.e. trending toward a crash landing).

  3. Kudos to SpaceX, and all of the participants who ponied up the $200 million to St. Judes. Ya gotta have considerable success in business, spacecraft or otherwise to have an extra $50-100 million to donate. Quite a testament to SpaceX reliability to take the risk of putting in rich humans aboard a used spacecraft to prove its autonomous abilities. No b—-s, no blue chips.