APG’s Flight Planning For Jets

In the jet world, it's all about crunching runway performance numbers and the logical way to do it is with a capable tablet app. Aircraft Performance Group (APG) has been offering just that with its iPreflight performance app. Equipped with over 350 aircraft models and 9000 airfields, the new Genesis app goes deep into runway performance calculations, and now a new flight planning utility could make it one of the most capable programs available for jet cockpits. Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano got a demo of the app on the floor of the NBAA-BACE conference in Orlando, Florida, and prepared this video report.

Conklin & de Decker Relaunches Aircraft Comparison Products

Aviation research and consulting firm Conklin & de Decker introduced what the company is calling a complete relaunch of its platform at NBAA-BACE this year. Product updates include an interactive online aircraft comparison report-called the Conklin & de Decker Report-and a new mobile app.

Jet Shades Tinted Window Panels

A challenge in some cabin-class airplanes is balancing the temperature between the cockpit and the rear cabin, or even keeping the cockpit cool even when the air conditioning is running. A company called Jet Shades found a solution with its innovative removable tinted window panels. They require no FAA approvals because they don't modify or even touch the existing windows, plus they can be kept in place during flight. Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano took a look at the product at this year's NBAA-BACE convention in Orlando, Florida, and prepared this video report with company founder Kevin Duggan.

Podcast: BendixKing Offers Subscription Avionics

BendixKing recently began offering a subscription program for avionics. The company's vice president for product management and marketing, Stphane Fymat, shared the details with AVweb at NBAA-BACE.

Podcast: Iridium NEXT And Certus For Aviation

The Iridium NEXT satellite constellation is nearly complete and the company is working on Certus, a satellite communications system aimed at, among other things, aviation. Iridium's Bryan Hartin and Michael Hooper told AVweb more about the latest developments at the 2018 NBAA convention.

NBAA: Focus On The Future

The only thing certain about the future is its inexorable arrival but when things are changing as quickly as they seem to be, it's more than tempting to try to peek over the fence. Herewith our takeaways from NBAA 2018.

Luxury Dornier 328

New aircraft arent the only thing to see at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention. This Dornier 328 was on display at the show. The aircraft has flown to destinations around the world and is configured for 12-passenger luxury travel.

Uber Moving On VTOL Systems

Aviation is changing and Uber is leading an effort that will result in a system virtually unrecognizable by todays standards but not that far away, says the companys chief of aviation program.

Tucker Honored For Helping Kids

Airshow legend Sean D. Tucker is the recipient of this years Al Ueltschi Award for Humanitarian Leadership for his work with at-risk youth in the Bob Hoover Academy.

Daher TBM 930 Enters Charter Sector

Dahers turboprop TBM 930 is seeing increasing use in charter services, the company announced at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition on Monday. California-based charter company Mountain Lion Aviation purchased the first 930 to see use as a charter in December 2017.

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