Short Final

Short Final: Glider Refueling

My home airport often has gliders operating north of the field, which led to the following exchange: Cessna C-FABC: Pitt...

Short Final: Lonely

Sept. 5, 2019. Hurricane Dorian is pounding the North Carolina shoreline. We are CAVU in Ohio headed for New England and hoping...

Short Final: Radio Awards

Cruising over the upper Midwest we heard this exchange: Aircraft: “Indy Cen ... (SCREECH) ... vember 12(SQUEAL) … checking...

Short Final: Ahoy, Matey

At Camp Graling, Michigan: Army 12345 (in a pirate voice): “Graling Tower, Arrrrrmy Copter 12345, we be a...

Short Final: Pay Grade

Overheard over South Carolina, with the busy Atlanta arrivals streaming overhead: Delta 1234: “Center, Delta 1234 flight level 230.”

Short Final: Tomahawk

I took off from Erie after a major front had passed through much of Pennsylvania and Baltimore and ...

Short Final: Jackpot

After dropping off our Angel Flight West passenger we were climbing out of Henderson, Nevada. On the guard frequency (121.5) we heard...

Short Final: Halloween Costume

One time on Halloween night I heard a pilot make a common mistake but have a little fun with it.

Short Final: Passenger Guidelines

The long list of passenger guidelines in GA from the May OTA brought two things to mind: 1. ...

Short Final: Airport In Sight

Returning home to Peachtree DeKalb airport in metro Atlanta, I heard the following: Atlanta Approach: “Citation 1234, expect the visual...

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AVweb Flight Trial: Cirrus TRAC Trainer

Cirrus has had great success in retail high performance aircraft market, but now it hopes to break into the training segment with a new airplane called the TRAC. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli recently flew with Ivy Mciver from Cirrus to wring the airplane out.

Well It Finally Happened Zachary. I Landed Gear Up*

I’m sure I flipped the switch to down. I mean, I remember doing it. I never forget.