Short Final

Short Final: Rough Landing

Two years ago, my fiancee and I were chaperoning my 94‑year‑old grandparents on a Delta Air Lines flight to a vacation destination....

Short Final: Migratory

On a nice fall afternoon, I was returning to my home airport after a Missouri Pilots Association board meeting. Another member was...

Short Final: Looking For Traffic

Approaching Wilkes‑Barre/Scranton Airport, the traffic advisories from Approach were scant until after a bit, Approach said, “Archer 44939, traffic at your 11...

Short Final: For The Birds

I was a new controller and just assigned to my first duty station, Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona. I had a pretty...

Short Final: Be Right Back

Every IFR pilot knows the joys and sorrows of routing. Flying home from Massachusetts one afternoon, I heard the following exchange:

Short Final: Hostile Target

I was ferrying my new-to-me warbird home to Texas and bubbling over with new plane pride. Memphis Center: “Focke-Wulf...

Short Final: Runway Obstructions

In Alaska, runway obstructions can be different. And large. Yes, there are the usual bears and moose. But sometimes it’s really big:...

Short Final: Slow For Spacing

One day on my way to Nashville, I overheard the following: American 1234: “Good morning Atlanta Center. American 1234 checking...

Short Final: Wind Shear

On final to Boeing Field 14R on a blustery Pacific Northwest fall day a Gulfstream reported wind shear upon landing.

Short Final: To The Moon

Check out the PIREP in the image above. Ken Fullett Naperville, IL

The Airline Biz: Clawing Back Can Hardly Be Called a Recovery

Four months into the pandemic, airline activity is about a quarter of what it was a year ago. It has a long way to go.

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