Short Final

Short Final: Leg Room

I was flying home during the COVID‑19 pandemic, when the following took place: Spirit 936: “Atlantic City Approach, Spirit...

Short Final: Callsigns

Upon checking into a Kansas City Center sector, I caught the following conversation already in progress: Kansas City Center:...

Short Final: Awfully Quiet

Heard on So-Cal after a long period of silence: Cessna 234: “SOCAL Approach, Cessna Two Three Four.”

Short Final: Low Approach

I heard the following exchange on a beautiful spring day when COVID had grounded almost everyone. Cherokee 123: “Approach,...

Short Final: Hood Up

In the early 1970s, I was a captain in the Kansas Army National Guard flying a CH‑54 Sky Crane helicopter IFR north...

Short Final: Top Gun

A Tale of Two Airports: There seems to be a rivalry between San Diego International Airport (KSAN) and Detroit...

Short Final: Need For Speed

I sometimes fly SIC on a Citation X based in the Dallas area, and on this occasion, it was my first “real”...

Short Final: Sunrise

While flying over Long Island recently on an Angel Flight Mission around 2:30 p.m. I heard the following: Cessna...

Short Final: Pick One

Heard on frequency near Sacramento, California: “Piper 1234, are you planning to do an approach into Sacramento Executive?”

Short Final: Winter Weather

I was flying from Texas to Minnesota on a less‑than‑smooth day in December. The Kansas City Center controller had a full plate...

Going to the Moon Was Easy Compared To 100UL

The National Academies report on reducing lead in avgas is a trip through time. Unfortunately, it seems to always end back where it started.

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After years of soft premiums, the insurance market is turning harder. That means higher rates and insurability issues for aging pilots. Plus, your choice of aircraft can have serious ramifications for the cost and type of insurance coverage you can get—if you can even get the coverage you need. In this long-form video, Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano discusses the issues with three insurance professionals.