Nordic Countries Combine Fighter Forces Against Russian Threat


Europe’s Nordic countries have combined their air defense forces into a single unit totaling about 250 modern fighters to blunt any territorial expansion plans by Russia. Norway, Denmark and Finland will contribute their F-35s while Sweden will add its Gripens to the force. “Our combined fleet can be compared to [that of] a large European country,” Maj. Gen. Jan Dam, commander of the Danish air force, told Reuters. The formidable force was created in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is expected to be a major thorn in Russia’s side.

The ultimate goal is to be able to operate seamlessly together as one force by developing a Nordic concept for joint air operations based on already known NATO methodology. Norway already has some F-35s along with F-16s and Denmark and Finland will be getting their F-35s soon. Finland has F/A-18 Hornets currently and Denmark operates F-16s. Sweden has Gripen Cs and Ds initially and is getting a modernized E model. The signing ceremony was held Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, a major NATO base. Denmark and Norway are in NATO and Sweden and Finland have applied to join because of the Russian invasion.

Russ Niles
Russ Niles is Editor-in-Chief of AVweb. He has been a pilot for 30 years and joined AVweb 22 years ago. He and his wife Marni live in southern British Columbia where they also operate a small winery.

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  1. With this information, and China’s involvement, and Russia’s promise to locate nuclear weapons, I am thinking that this may be the beginning of the end times. I suspect many people feel the same. Throw in the support that he has from Iran and North Korea, it seems like it is becoming inevitable. Best chance that the world has is for Putin to be struck dead, but I suspect that if that was God‘s plan he would’ve done it already.

    • Don’t be afraid, Mr. William. In the eve of WWII, Germany was supposed to have a much strong weapons than the rest of Europe. Mr. Churchill wasn’t afraid and the result, in the end, was the total defeat and unconditional surrender of the nazis and the Axis (Germany and Japan), of course with the help of USA. I know that now the weapons are much different and much more letal. But, in the end, although that can, eventually, implies the death of thousand, if not millions of people, they (the dictatorships) will not prevail.

      • I am not afraid. I’m a Christian. The worst thing that can happen is I die. That’s almost inevitable anyway, and although I’d prefer something painless in the end I don’t care.

        War, economic collapse, ‘global warming’, politics, I don’t really care.

        These miseries are all temporary.

        With that said I’d like for Putin to put a bullet in his miserable brain, or some operative to do it for him.

  2. Integration of disparate European Military capabilities has been a big problem since the end of the cold war and the perceived diminution of the threat from Russia. How ironic that Putin has done more to strengthen European military capacity and capability in a year than 40 years of American prodding and cajoling….

  3. This makes Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden “fair game”.
    I hope that they enjoy missiles firing into their cities each time one of their fighters runs a mission.
    Seriously, do they not understand what entering a shooting war means?

  4. I served in the USAF on the F-16 European Test & Evaluation Team in Norway, Denmark, Germany and UK in 1979. So I know a little something about two of those four countries. ALL of ’em want nothing to do with Russia. Finland — especially — has a long shared border with Russia and has been subjugated by them in the past. Norway has a lot of fjords that the northern Russian fleet in Murmansk would love to be able to use to hide subs. ALL of ’em are serious about their militaries and so combining arms merely makes’ ’em all stronger.

    This is a good thing. There is no replacement for military strength; THAT is what keeps the peace. Witness over 40 years of SAC doing exactly that WITH nuclear weapons. Even nut job despots know that IF they ever launch any sort of nuclear weapon, THEY will die … and most of ’em don’t want that. And Russia’s military is showing itself to not only be weak, corrupt and inept but also increasingly desperate. Hopefully, at some point ‘ol Vlad will recognize that he stepped in it and pull back. If Vlad can’t take Ukraine, how the hell is he gonna take those other — now stronger — Counties? TBD … standby.