Short Final: How To Get To HEVVN


Just off the shore of northwest Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico, is HEVVN, an oft‑used fix for pilots crossing the Gulf from the southern U.S. over to Florida. I was recently in Alabama and heard this exchange with Atlanta Center:

Center: “Citation 456, Atlanta. To what fix are you navigating?”

Citation 456: “Uh, well, um, Citation 456 is trying to go to HEVVN, but it doesn’t look like we’re doing a very good job of it and we won’t get to HEVVN this way.”

Center: “Citation 456, roger. If you want to get to HEVVN I suggest a more direct route.”

Citation 456: “Citation 456 is now attempting direct HEVVN, God willing.”

Center: “No problem, Citation 456. I’m just trying to keep you on course to HEVVN.”

Citation 456: “Bless you.”

Sal Cruz
Watsonville, CA

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