Best Of The Web: How A Radial Engine Goes Together


Ever wonder how a radial engine goes together, especially how those seven or nine connecting rods all merge at the crankshaft? Grab some coffee and sit through this master class video by Dan Cabral and you’ll find out. Carbral is a product design engineer and used Keyshot to render this animation and After Effects to assemble the video. The engine is a Rotec R-2800. See more here.

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  1. Hah, I learned about articulated crankshafts in radial engines in high school. I attended a technical high school that offered pre engineering courses. I was overwhelmed with extra classes in calculus, materials science, mechanical drawing, foundry and machine shop. This high school is a leftover from a time when young men were acquiring skills to either get a leg up for college or enter into jobs with vocational skills for WWII. The school is still around as it requires passing an entrance exam to meet the minimums required for advanced academics surpassing normal high school levels.