Alsim’s Simulator For Flight Schools


Although Redbird dominates the U.S. affordable simulator market, the French company Alsim has offerings for flight schools. In this AVweb Classic video shot last year, AVweb’s Kate O’Connor talks to Scott Firsing about the sim’s capabilities.

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  1. Respecting flight sims, good mentorship and that good experience matters. In one word thereisnosubstituteforflying!

  2. “thereisnosubstituteforflying” is true, but in equipment as advanced as Alsim’s, it IS flying, not a substitute but the real deal! More-so, ATD’s such as Alsim’s simulators allow recreation of real world scenarios in a crew concept environment (critical element) and these events can be compressed in time. Basic flying skills in an airplane, but instrument procedures and years of rejected take off’s, system failures, wind shear, and other emergencies can be repeatedly practiced to perfection in a safe environment… the sim. The right “mentorship” and the right procedures. In my 29000 hrs of actual flying 28000 was watching the time go by, not much learning there. (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI here, various Boeing and Airbus types + USN carrier qualified A “few” hrs in the sim!)

    On Alsim, vs. Redbird, everyone will benefit from competition. I’ve flown them both, and both are excellent. I would say that Alsim’s focus, in addition to basic training, goes well beyond and includes real world crew concept philosophy of training. Any simulator handles the basic skills, Alsim is a crew concept, airline environment, advanced training device. And a VERY good one. Very nice stuff at a fraction of the cost of CAE equipment. Keep up the good work guys, safe air travel is the beneficiary.