Poll: Do You Use A Checklist For Preflight?


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  1. I don’t use one on my car, telephone, computer, or lawn mower, either after I become familiar with them. I fly a lot of different airplanes–I use a checklist until I become familiar–but EVEN THOUGH I HAVE OVER 10,000 HOURS IN KING AIRS–I still do a “CIGAR check” (Controls, Instruments, Gas, Attitude, and runup (or runway items) as a final check. Same with a GUMP check.

    Flying single pilot head down in a high performance airplane is not a good idea–substitute a regimin that you do EVERY TIME instead.

  2. I’m a CIGAR TIPS and GUMP kind guy for many airplanes. And that is a checklist, just not a heads down reading a piece of paper kind.