Super Hornet Blown Overboard From Carrier


Someone on the Navy carrier USS Harry S. Truman has some explaining to do after one of its F/A-18s was blown off the deck. The Navy confirmed the mishap occurred July 8 in the Mediterranean while the ship was undergoing a replenishment-at-sea. The Navy didn’t release any details but said it happened during “unexpected” heavy weather. One sailor was injured but is expected to make a full recovery.

The fighters are secured to the deck with chains and it’s not clear how this one got loose. The Navy said the replenishment was stopped but the carrier remains mission capable. There is, of course, an investigation. Depending on the model and configuration, Super Hornets cost between $30 million and $60 million.

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  1. From my days as a “deck ape” (Brown Shirt), that plane should have had a minimum of 18 chains. The bird would not have gone anywhere! Cruises on 2 carriers – USS Enterprise and USS America.

    • I probably wouldn’t qualify as a deck ape and if I did I’d probably be blown off the deck struggling to tie down expensive toys on deck unless lugging chains around, likely hold me down by sheer weight.