Poll: Is Sending Artemis 1 On A Lunar Flyby The Right Thing To Do?


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  1. WHY are we wasting money and energy going back to that dusty place? How much greenhouse gases are created by these rocket launches? Why are we promoting the silly ideas of some day living on Mars..? What we SHOULD be doing is STOP KILLING EARTH and make it LIVABLE HERE!

    • We’re doing this because we can eventually remove a lot of manufacturing to the moon by extracting resources there, instead of here. THAT would really clean up Earth. Yes, the solid rocket boosters on Artemis produce pollution, but the liquid fuel engines are liquid hydrogen, which produces water vapor when burned.

  2. I know greenhouse gasses is not the subject here, but now that it is mentioned, about 99.8% of the folks do NOT know the % of CO2 in the air.
    So, we now have about .04% in the air & is said that humans contribute less than 1% of that.
    Is this enough to change our climate?
    enough said.