Poll: Should Airports In Hurricane Zones Be Required To Have Storm Safe Hangars?


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  1. It would make sense! I’m surprised insurance companies are willing to cover hangars or any other structure in coastal states that isn’t built to withstand storms such as Ian. Insurance companies won’t cover older homes that are not up to current standards even in areas that do not normally have hurricanes.

  2. Not every airplane owner can afford to insure their aircraft. Our ramp is full of them, simply tied-down and hoping for the best.

    • Insurance companies would likely agree. Owners/operators might have lower insurance premiums for their planes if they’re sheltered in those hangars.

    • Finance Companies would require insurance, or at least a sizable bond to cover losses of their collateral. When I owned a plane, my finance company made sure I had insurance.

  3. The first two options are a step towards deterring entry or participation in private aviation, driving coastal states to emulate the European model of prohibitive cost of aircraft ownership for the middle class individual. We buy our aicraft, decide whether or not to insure it and choose where to live. Let’s not create more costly and oppressive local requirements.

    • Europe manages to make most Middle Class trappings expensive. As far as insuring vehicles and planes, you’re leaving out sizable liability claims after mishaps. Hull losses these days are tremendous (Who would’ve thought a well worn Chicken Hawk would cost so much?) If I owned another plane–hypothetically–I would definitely hangar it between flights, and make sure I would not be exposed to liability claims without coverage.

  4. The T-hangar that I rent from the county has sliding doors that lock to thick steel plates in the base, at the point where the doors meet in the center and at each end.
    The 1/2 inch steel plates of 4 x 8 inches should hold the closed doors in place, preventing any upward movement.

  5. I agree with John W…. and like the American college loan student… I want the government to pay for it… and my plane while their at it.

  6. These are non scientific polls, but the options are often misleading or otherwise causing the results to be counterproductive rather than just non scientific.

    This one particularly aggravated me because airports are not going to provide storm safe hangars at their own cost. You could require it by law, but the renters are going to have to pay for it. In fact, even those who do not get it might pay for it because the airport could charge for tie downs to make up the cost.

    In the end, we are paying because we as piston pilots do not have the political power to make others pay for us like so many other groups in this country.