Poll: Virgin Galactic’s Flight to the Edge of Space This Weekend Was…


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  1. I think that a majority of people consider this is a yawn…Say’s Pe**s envy is alive and well. This is a remarkable feat and advancement in technology. Not costing taxpayers one cent. What’s going on with you people? The left thinks a guy that gets very wealthy and successful is somehow responsible for taking care of the “Do Nothings”. That is NOT America or what made it great. All you people that called it a yawn..I hope you’re still using your horse to go grocery shopping…

  2. 15,730 total votes? I’m thinking someone has a little too much time on their hands and repeated the November 2020 vote 🙂

  3. 31,091 total votes? what a popular subject.
    Can’t believe that there’s enough people out there with nothing better to do but fool around with a little back page poll. If we could just get half these people interested in flying, aviation would come back with a vengeance.