Embraer Ponders Rear-Engine Turboprop Airliner


Embraer announced on Friday it’s pondering developing the first clean sheet turboprop airliner conceived in decades and it’s got some major differences from existing aircraft. The new plane, if it gets built, will have tail-mounted engines and the rest will look like a regional jet. In fact, the fuselage will be the same as its E-195 regional jets with two seats on either side of the aisle. The new plane will carry 70-90 passengers. 

Embraer President Arjan Meijer made the announcement in a tweet and said the design has some distinct advantages over existing designs. The tail-mounted engines should be a lot quieter for passengers and the plane will be able to use jet bridges. Meijer did not specify the engines planned for the aircraft, which might mean Embraer is considering GE’s planned entrant to the market currently owned by Pratt & Whitney. It’s believed this design was the one it was working on with Boeing before that collaboration dissolved 18 months ago.

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    • The airlines increase profits by adding seats and cargo space while subtracting whatever they can–legally–from passenger perks and comfort. Today’s “McAirline” carriers are dealing with irate and even combative passengers who must endure all manner of security measures, delays and speech codes in order to travel to Point B. Even the crews ‘lose it’ occasionally, and go into fits of frustration. I flew during the salad days of the airline industry, when one could plop $35.00 on the counter ten minutes before the boarding call, and get a seat on a flight to most destinations. Nowadays, people have to squat and cough just to get to the boarding gate

  1. I wish Embraer good luck on this airplane. If they are aiming it to the American market then they will really need it. As Bombardier found out with the Q400, whether right or wrong, American airline passengers do not like prop driven airliners. Ask anyone who flew the Piaggio or airport authorities who banned them about noise from pusher props. The 717 which was originally the MD95 with UDF (unducted fans) props which were dropped due to noise and lack of interest from the airlines. I have a feeling Embraer will end up putting turbofan engines in place of the props, or else aiming their sales efforts to other markets.