Industry Round-up, September 20, 2019


This week, AVweb’s new roundup found reports on an antique aircraft fly-in, a new product recycled from an old A340, and an electric aircraft manufacturer joining the speaker list for the ICAO Innovation Fair. We also uncovered 3-D woven composites on display at a California expo, a company marketing a differential measurement system for aerospace applications and a manufacturer offering aerospace-oriented custom flexible shafts.

The Antique Airplane Association’s Texas Chapter is scheduled to hold its Annual Fly-In on Oct. 11-12 at Texas’ Gainesville Municipal Airport (GLE). Event features include aircraft exhibits, seminars, a pancake breakfast and airplane parts sales. Finding another use for old aircraft, Lufthansa WorldShop is working to recycle a retired Airbus A340-600 D-AIHO, using materials from the aircraft in “lifestyle and design” products including furniture and travel accessories. The first products to be produced were 35,000 “Aviationtags” engraved with the aircraft type, registration number, edition number and size, and Lufthansa logo.

Transcend Air has been invited to be a featured speaker at the ICAO Innovation Fair and Fifth Annual ICAO World Aviation Forum in Montreal, Canada, on Sept. 22-23. In addition to its Vy 400 vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL), the company is working to develop zero-emission, water-based vertipads. Also on the expo circuit, engineered woven fabrics manufacturer Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM) has announced that it will be displaying its products at the 2019 CAMX expo, which is taking place Sept. 23-26, 2019 in Anaheim, California. BRM products are used for aviation applications such as thermal protection systems and engine parts.

Kaman Precision Products, a manufacturer of precision non-contact position measuring systems, is highlighting its KD-5100 differential measurement system. According to the company, the KD-5100 is suitable for night vision systems, precision telescope positioning, fast steering mirrors for space-based and airborne applications, and image stabilization systems. Finally, S.S. White Technologies has announced that it is offering bespoke flexible shaft solutions. The shafts can be used for applications such as thrust reverser actuation systems, flap and slat systems, variable bleed valves, jet afterburner nozzle control systems and cargo door actuation systems.

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