Top Letters And Comments, August 6, 2021


AirVenture Final Numbers Tell An Impressive Story

Airventure 2021 was my 39th year in attendance since 1977. I would support the above reported numbers as being realistic. It wasn’t the biggest but it was busy. More than anything else, I’d say that everyone was ready to be out and about and enjoy what they love…aviation in all of its forms.

My biggest disappointment…was the FAA Administrator telling us all that it’ll take four years to fix LODA and MOSAIC has to run its course. My greatest enjoyment was marching in the Friday Veteran’s parade and hearing Medal of Honor winner MGen Patrick Brady speak to us. I’d say that there wasn’t any great announcement ALTHOUGH…a high wing RV-15! Hmmm…The weather generally cooperated—despite Wednesday evening’s storm—albeit it was hot early in the week.

Overall … I’d rate Airventure 2021 as a total success and a real treat. But then, what else would we expect from EAA ?

Larry S.

38th EAA Annual Convention and Fly-In for me including two at Rockford. A year away REALLY made itself felt as soon as I got onto the grounds. I guess I hadn’t realized how much of a recharge I get from the event. I was there Wed-Fri and wished I had been able to spend the week but it didn’t work out. Wednesday was as crowded as I’ve ever experienced, and the buzz of density was clearly diminished Th-Fri in showplane parking and camping after many people flew out due to potential bad weather. I’m sure the numbers would have been even more impressive otherwise. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the drive-in camping areas so jammed.

Of course it’s impossible to see everything, even over an entire week. As usual I had to pick and choose where I wanted to be, and even though the sense is that there were no real show-stoppers, I was not disappointed in any way. I chose to stay off the buses due to social distancing so no seaplane base nor museum this year, but after all I had only 3 days anyway. And I rarely ride the trams because it’s like riding a bus through an art gallery – you can do it but the inability to stop at will to focus your interest sort of defeats the purpose, unless your feet are screaming. Each day I walked from Warbirds to the lightplane runway, and not point-to-point, typically patrolling the rows to get a look at as many interesting airplanes in showplane parking as possible, a different path each day. My regular OSH companion with her mostly-reliable FitBit couldn’t make it this year so I have no idea how much mileage I put on, but then she rides the trams when she feels the need. All I know is it’s a week later and my feet are still screaming.

Chris K.

Four years in a row now (minus last year of course), I’ve participated as a vendor, and it was great to see the masses return to the greatest aviation event on earth. While there were noticeably fewer international participants for obvious reasons, the enthusiasm of those attending was infectious, and it was great renewing acquaintances and forming new ones. Welcome back!

Hats off to the EAA and volunteers who pull this off with military precision and class. I can’t imagine the preparation it takes to organize such an event, and to keep everything clean, orderly, safe and on schedule. While mother nature always seems to throw a temporary wrench in the works, this team does a marvelous job of regrouping and minimizing delays and inconvenience…the show must go on!

Thanks for an always great experience.

Marc R.

Short Final: IFR Checkride

After I passed my IFR checkride, I had an interesting conversation with my instructor:

CFII: “Congrats! You’re my first of dozens of students to get a rating!”.
Me: “Oh. Why’s that?”
CFI: “I’m active-duty military, and usually get reassigned before training can finish.”

(I had flown at least two flights per week, so I wrapped it up in a few months.)

Another interesting conversation:

CFII: “So I see you filed a flight IFR yesterday …”
Me: “Affirmative.”
CFII: “… in the clouds, right after your new rating.”

(I did my first flight from HNL to Kauai, which requires an IFR flight plan for airplane rentals since it’s about 100nm over the ocean and sight of the islands is lost. As a bonus, I found a cloud layer to do some actual.) 

James B.

Poll: What’s the Biggest Story of AirVenture 2021?

  • Van’s officially announces the existence of high-wing back country RV-15.
  • Amount of people in attendance. 608,000???
  • The show itself!!
  • Volocopter flight.
  • Blackfly is happening. Probably.
  • Air-conditioned hangar C.
  • Record attendees and aircraft arrivals.
  • Jessica Cox foot controlled RV.
  • Crazy money at Waco.
  • Vans RV-15.
  • Bendix King AeroCruze autopilot.
  • That it came back roaring; showing that people have had enough of lockdowns.
  • Electric engine conversions.
  • UPS 747-8F was the biggest aircraft there.
  • The coming Oshkosh surge in COVID.
  • Aviation coming back together.
  • Parking.
  • BlackFly.
  • Not announcing the air force 75-year anniversary airshow.
  • Thunderstorms.
  • Mike Patey and his work of art “Scrappy.”
  • JMB’s VL3.
  • King autopilot for certificated aircraft for less than $5000!
  • The biggest story is the “pandemic” is officially over.
  • Cessna SkyCourier.
  • STOL exhibition.
  • General Van Ovost visit as the highest ranking female in any of the armed forces!
  • No mention whatsoever of COVID risks involved.
  • Blackscape Gabriel.
  • Vashon Ranger.
  • Kelly Aerospace new manufactured Slick magneto and parts.
  • Nothing here unless you have deep pockets.
  • Freedom outweighed COVID-19 fear and masks.
  • COVID super-spreader event.

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