Deland Sport Showcase: What’s New?


The Deland Sport Aviation Showcase for 2019 opened this week in Deland, Florida, and AVweb was there. In this quick walking tour of the show, Paul Bertorelli reports on a new autogyro from Europe, a redesigned LSA motorglider called the Sun Dancer, a multipurpose EFIS display from the Italian company MAV, a new engine option for the Merlin PSA from Aeromarine LSA and how the Brazilian company Seamax is getting serious about selling its LSA amphibian in the U.S.

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  1. A good presentation. It shows how much product development is being done in foreign countries and not in the U.S. even though we are the target market for all of these products. FAA please take note!

  2. Excellent observation John. I suggest that everyone skips Sun N Fun and heads over to AERO Friedrichshafen, where the dizzying amount of innovation and variety of new aircraft and technology on display that makes Sun N Fun and Air Venture look like something out of the cave man era. Yes, FAA should take note AND Congress should take note as well, plus our Dear Leader who wants to make coal great again. It is unfortunate that America is slipping behind the world, is busy closing airports (not only Santa Monica), while EASA countries build amazing new GA aircraft and China continues to buy up U.S. aviation and push the boundaries!

    • Why don’t we have these type of companies starting shop in the USA?
      Well, because of laws and lawsuits and taxes, it’s just easier to do it elsewhere.
      It’s now easier to build a manufacturing business in Communist China than Santa Monica, USA. We’re doing it to ourselves.