Community Air Mobility Initiative Launched


New industry association The Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI) announced its official launch this week. The nonprofit organization’s stated mission is to “support the responsible integration of urban air mobility (UAM) into communities through education, communication and advocacy.” In addition to its mission goals, CAMI says its priorities include outreach, public relations and model policy development.

“New technologies and new aircraft promise to make flight accessible and practical on a daily basis for more people than ever before,” said CAMI Co-Executive Director Anna Dietrich. “With that promise comes the responsibility to integrate those aircraft into our communities safely, responsibly and equitably. We created CAMI as the industry’s commitment to our neighbors and the decision makers who support them to work to ensure that happens.”

According to CAMI, it offers a team of experts in fields such as urban air mobility, electric aircraft, sustainability, infrastructure and operations. Founding members of CAMI include the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), Bell, Raytheon, the Unmanned Safety Institute and Vertical Flight Society.

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  1. Amazing…the first of many non-profit watch dog groups with the expertise to offer regulatory advice based on ” a team of experts in fields such as urban air mobility, electric aircraft, sustainability, infrastructure, and operations”…all to “support the responsible integration of urban mobility (UAM…another acronym I must learn apparently) into communities through education, communication, and advocacy”. I can’t wait to see what CAMI says when reaching out, public relations, and model policy development.

    Another group of experts ready to guide integration policy of on oft used term of urban mobility when their is no practical anything at this point. There is no practical design, no practical power source, no infrastructure at all, tons of artist renderings and jazzy YouTube videos talking about the next Jetsonmobile…and we have GAMA, NBAA, Bell, Raytheon, and the world famous? Unmanned Safety Institute and Vertical Flight Society ready to guide model policy development.

    Yeah, this is a consortium looking out for GA aviation community best interests while reaching out ( to whom?), public relations, and model policy development.

    Geez, there has to be an almost endless well of money being harvested by so many for “urban mobility” development that GA aviation is clueless to. It took 14 years, millions of originally American money, backed up by Russian wealth when the Washingtons dried up, to get the Epic 1000 certified. Icon, Continental, half of Diamond, and Cirrus is now owned by the Chinese because all three went broke just trying to develop new airplanes and modernize aircraft powerplants. But we have a policy development group already in place, for policy development in arena with no maturity regarding vehicles that can barely lift one human being…and not very high at that…that is going to replace the bus, mass transit systems, taxis, etc. in the wet dream currently called “urban mobility”. I gotta find that well of money. It must be huge.