Sun ‘n Fun Will Go Forward, But With Extra Cleaning


While the Aero show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, will be postponed on fears of Covid-19 spread, Sun ‘n Fun says it plans to go forward on the planned schedule. However, show organizers say they’ll provide more sanitation, including frequent garbage collection, hand sanitizer stations, disinfectant wipes and sprays and microphone wipe downs for presenters. Sun ‘n Fun marketing officer Greg Gibson told AVweb Friday that the show is remaining in contact with larger venues such as Disney World and the Tampa Convention Center as a means of sampling public risk and reaction to monitor best practices for infection control in large crowds.

As of Friday afternoon, said Gibson, a small number of exhibitors had cancelled plans to attend. Gibson said Sun ‘n Fun recommends that show attendees and exhibitors become familiar with the CDC’s suggested guidelines. These include washing your hands for 20 seconds as frequently as practical, using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. Sun ‘n Fun is due to open on Tuesday, March 31. It runs through April 5.

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  1. Agreed — sensible and appropriate steps to take. Trouble is, this outbreak ain’t done with us yet — the next few weeks will tell the tale. Here’s hoping that the overall picture — which is sure to change both nationwide and in Florida — doesn’t reach a tipping point, because then exhibitors and participants alike will bail and that will be all she wrote. Color me cautiously optimistic the show will go on!

  2. It will be a challenge to put on any large scale venue anywhere in the country for the next few months, but SnF seems to be taking the appropriate steps for now. Barring a widespread outbreak in Florida, the show should be a go.

    PS: Bring your own hand sanitizer just in case.

  3. As we are aware that major public gatherings are being cancelled, SnF should take the same precautions regardless of what local government and CDC is suggesting. SnF attracts a diverse public but especially mid age and senior adults who are the primary host for COVID-19. Also the fact many attendees are foreign visitors including exhibitors is another fact to support the cancellation. Also the first cases in FL took place in neighbouring counties.

    • Exactly. It’s not so much the precautions taken(which are about as good as they can possibly be, good on them for at least trying now matter how misguided), the real issue is the age of most of the attendees being the main reason this shouldn’t happen. They are the primary folks being infected and the therefore the most at risk. Until this is at least contained to a point where it can be all but written off, we in the aviation community shouldn’t think we are above reality here. Large gatherings shouldn’t be happening right now and Sun N Fun should just take it on the chin as so many others have before them for the sake of their attendees health.

  4. People all over the world are just going nuts.This bug should be no more deadly than the Flu bug. Developed by the Chinese and accidentally or purposely released. If you are reasonably healthy you should not die from it. Use normal precautions but dont go overboard.
    Point fingers but given the power of the Democratic Party makes me wonder if its part of their plan to replace Trump. America has given everyhing away to the foreign countries to the point where we inport the drugs? Whats wrong with that picture.
    Sun-N-Fun will go on just fine, we wont be dropping dead on the grass or tarmack
    See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • To suggest that the US government is intentionally working to spread a pandemic for political gain:

      1–has no place on an aviation news blog
      2–shows just how brainwashed by right wing media you and many of the boomers have become. Sickening.

      I do hope that SnF can continue as planned, it will no doubt be a challenge as the mounting fear culture seems to be building. Fingers crossed for another great event this year.

    • edward j d: You are free to voice your opinion on whether SnF should go on or not, but what really is nuts is attempting to place blame on the virus outbreak with zero evidence or facts to support your position. There is way too much of this kind of “alternative facts” nonsense going around in the news and social media already, and is in large part responsible for the polarization of our social and political discourse and, in turn, the eroding of our democracy.

      No one is pointing fingers here about who or what is responsible for the virus — just a sensible (hopefully) discussion about the pros and cons of SnF going forward as scheduled.

      Like you, I am looking forward to the show – hope that you have a great time and be safe!