Industry Round-up, May 28, 2021


This week, AVweb’s news roundup found reports on the completion of a project investigating the use of machine learning in safety-critical aviation applications, the opening of a simulator training center and a new seat for commercial aircraft. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Daedalean have finished a 10-month project looking into the use of machine learning (ML)/neural networks (NN) in safety-critical applications. The project is the second conducted by EASA and Daedalean, with the first examining the applicability of existing guidance to the use of ML/NN in avionics. EASA has used findings from both projects to draft guidance for aviation-related machine learning applications.

Prodigy Avia Solutions has announced that it will be opening a new simulator training center in Accra, Ghana, later this year. The four-bay training center is expected to begin operations with a Boeing B737 Classic full flight simulator. Also launching something new, JAMCO Corporation has introduced the Venture Pristine business class seat for commercial aircraft. The seat offers antimicrobial and antiviral material finish solutions.

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  1. Note that ML cannot explain its decisions, so I don’t see how that’s compatible with safety critical systems, regulations, law or insuance requirements.