Industry Round-up, October 11, 2019


This week, AVweb’s news roundup found reports on aircraft battery approvals, new USB charging ports and the signing of a service agreement for a training management system. Battery manufacturer True Blue Power announced the TSO certification of its Gen5 main ship lithium-ion battery family. The batteries received a C179b CLASS A-4B rating after undergoing testing including thermal runaway containment, constant voltage discharge, drop impact resistance, explosion containment and overcharge protection.

True Blue Power also introduced its new TA360 series USB-PD charging port. The TA360 series offers high-speed charging, provides 60 watts of power per port, and offers in-seat, cabin, cockpit and galley installation. Finally, training management solutions company MINT Software Systems announced that it has signed a service agreement with TAP Portugal to implement of its web-based training and qualification management system MINT TMS. MINT TMS provides features including online access to training schedules, electronic grading forms, schedule management, classroom distribution and student allocation.

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  1. Sounds good but I don’t see anything new. The most valuable item you can have on a pack appears to be missing. This looks like a passive system. The best protection and dependability is having an Active Balance system that controls each series with a good BMS. This prevents runaway which is what can cause a fire or shorten the cycle life. These also look very heavy to be used in aviation. The watts sounds good but remember – at 60 watts, that is only 5 amps at 12 DC volts. Battery packs are not nearly as scary as the price!