Top Letters And Comments, September 9, 2022


Lightspeed Releases New Safety-Focused ANR Headset

The built-in CO detector and hearing loss compensation are very interesting and I applaud them for adding these features to a headset. Yes, every aircraft has a CO detector but how many times do you look at that little yellow dot during a flight? It’s one of those things that you will (hopefully) never need, but some day it may just save your life.

Jelle H.

This is an interesting concept, but I wonder about a couple things. The frequency equalizer is a really nice feature for aging pilots. However, I wonder if they are making a mistake by not getting a TSO rating for this model. All of their other headsets are non-TSO, but their price points are clearly targeted at the private pilot who does not fly commercial. This set is now competing with the Bose A20, which is the preferred unit for commercial pilots who require a TSO’d headset. Also, I wonder what the life is for the CO detector and will it need recalibration or replacement periodically? My Zulu 3 set works well enough that I probably won’t be upgrading.

John Mc.

At first I rolled my eyes but then as I read more I applaud the company for adding functionality for a headset at that price point. There are many features (use them or not) that are pretty cool. That in comparison to other headsets that are the same price point but are just ANR and don’t offer much past that. Well done.


G100UL Videos Series

Outstanding series of videos, this overview and all those that provide “insider’s views” on the production process and challenges and the regulatory side of replacing 100LL. Thanks very much for being the right person in the right place at the right time to brings us all these updates, Paul.

Thomas T.

Thanks for continuing to fill in the missing pieces on this vital issue, Paul.


Great series of videos Paul, it really helped sorting out the mess that is to follow after the FAA finally did something right!

Michael L.

Poll: Will You Ask Your FBO To Provide GAMI’s G100UL Fuel?

  • I’ve used and blended all sorts of race fuels for some very exotic and high output engines. While I’m not a petro-engineer, I am a very experienced user of alternate fuels. I’m particularly excited about the GAMI unleaded. GAMI’s use of an Amine octane booster is interesting to me, and should result in very clean combustion chambers, with far less carbon buildup. I expect GAMI’s fuel to be an improvement over 100LL in just about every way. – Chris C.
  • No. My FBO already sells UL fuel and like most aircraft, I don’t need 100 octane.
  • Already done.
  • Who wants to ask for more expensive fuel?
  • I won’t ask the FBO to switch, but I am willing to use it when they make it available. I say “when,” because the EPA is going to kill 100LL in the near future one way or another.
  • Use mogas.
  • No. It’s a financial decision on their part.
  • I’d rather see Swift’s UL94. It’s better for my low compression engine, is cheaper than G100UL, and would serve 98% of the aircraft operating of our field.
  • Modifying our underground fuel tanks to use the new fuel isn’t an easy task.
  • NO, I can’t believe they charge for the STC. EAA and Peterson don’t make a dime off fuel sales, GAMI will, they should encourage it’s use by giving away the STC, and making their profit off the fuel sales. By charging for the STC, it’s clear their spitting in the face of the operators. They only want to take advantage of the lead fuss, and hope to squeeze pilot out of every dime they can.
  • Yes, because starting a “voluntary” transition to UL fuel sooner than later will, I think, help avoid a disruptive, mandated transition that is bound to happen.
  • The rest of the world runs on diesel and mogas.
  • No need. They already stock non-ethanol 92 octane unleaded that works well in my plane.
  • At this point, I’m too much of a firm believer in 94 unleaded avgas. I think it’s past time for Cirrus to repower with their own diesel, and for twin Cessnas to be properly modified.
  • It’s going to be in short supply for a while, and there are airports that need it a lot more than I do.
  • No I don’t want to be a test pilot and it will be years before we really know if it’s safe for our engines.
  • Unleaded avgas is not needed.
  • I have asked for UL fuel for 15 years. I’ll continue to tank my own now.
  • No. Way too expensive and risky. I’ve asked for mogas.
  • I’d use whatever the FBO had available.
  • When 100L can’t be had anymore – then the change will happen. That’s soon enough for me.
  • I want to keep 100LL.

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