Poll: Have You Considered Building A Homebuilt Airplane?


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  1. I answered “Already have”, but technically that is not correct: I built a helicopter. Why didn’t the question ask “Have you considered building a homebuilt airCRAFT?”

  2. I wouldn’t be interested in building one “for educational purposes” or “to save money.” (If that were the case, get a second job–you’ll get your airplane faster!)

    I fly homebuilts to enjoy the freedom to fly an airplane that doesn’t have to adhere to the strictures of FAA certification–it is purpose built to accomplish performance goals. Let’s face it–most high performance military or restricted category aircraft could never be FAA certified–the industry has been “protected” to death!

  3. I am one of those 20-25 hour a year pilot. I also am on call with my job during the winter. So the answer is no. All I want to do with what little free time I have is to go to the playground. They hand me the keys to a 182, I fly it, then I return and pay for the amount I flew.